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Find the Right Jockey Wheel for Your Trailer

No matter where you’re looking to park your treasured towable, our selection of trailer jockey wheels, caravan jockey wheels, and caravan movers offer durability, manoeuvrability, and sturdiness. Check out the great range of caravan jockey wheels and accessories below, and order yours online for fast Australia-wide delivery.

We offer Australia's largest range of jockey wheels, meaning you're sure to find the perfect jockey wheel for your trailer, camper, or boat trailer. This includes heavy-duty jockey wheels in 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch sizes and the increasingly popular range of Offroad Jockeys wheels from Ark, Hulk, Cargo Mate and Supex.

Are caravan jockey wheels universal?

Caravan jockey wheels are not universal. They come in different sizes, designs, and load capacities. You should select a jockey wheel suitable for your caravan or trailer. Consider factors like weight, dimensions, environment, and usage.

How does a caravan jockey wheel work?

A caravan jockey wheel supports and manoeuvres the front end of a trailer. It helps with hitching and unhitching from the tow vehicle. The wheel distributes the trailer's weight. You can adjust its height to match the tow hitch. This ensures a seamless connection. It also allows moving the trailer when it's not connected to a vehicle.

Which Jockey wheel do I need?

The right jockey wheel depends on your trailer's weight and the terrain. It also depends on specific features like a solid wheel or swing brackets. Call us on 1300 854 185 to speak with our experts about finding out what Jockey wheel would be best for you.

When do you need a new jockey wheel?

You need a new jockey wheel when the current one shows wear and tear. Look for difficulty in adjusting height or instability. Visible damage like cracks or bends is also a sign. If the wheel is no longer suitable for your trailer's weight, replace it. Regular maintenance and inspections help determine when a replacement is necessary.