Jockey Wheels & Movers

Deliver the best support possible for your trailer or caravan with a jockey wheel from Outback Equipment. No matter where you’re looking to park your treasured towable, our jockey wheels and caravan movers can offer it durability, manoeuvrability and sturdiness.

Check out our range of jockey wheels and accessories in the range below, and order yours today.


A Complete Range of Jockey Wheels and Caravan Movers

From the wheel itself to all the bits and pieces supporting it, Outback Equipment can have you stocked and ready.

Trailer and Caravan Movers

A caravan mover is brilliant for when you need a little power but don’t want to push the whole unit itself. The lever ratchet mechanism means you can gently operate the lever, and the force will be applied to moving your trailer.

Think of it as a jockey wheel that takes all the hassle out of moving your trailer.

Rubber Jocky Wheel Receiver

It’s easier than you’d think for a trailer to make up its own mind and go on a journey. That’s why your jockey wheel should be coupled with a heavy-duty receiver. The small rubber frame might not look like much, but it’ll hold your trailer completely still on anything close to flat ground.


Why Buy Your Jockey Wheel from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

We’ve got a wide range of jacks, jockey wheels, movers, brackets and spare wheels available on our website. No matter what your trailer needs to either get going or stay still, you’ll find it in the Outback Equipment range.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re based in South East Queensland, and we use our downtime to explore this great nation. We get just how tough our climate and landscape can be. That’s why we only stock stuff that’s good enough to last in our conditions.

Jockey Wheels Delivered to Your Door

No need to go scurrying around the countryside looking for parts. With Outback Equipment, you can order online and have parts shipped straight to your door.

Plenty of Payment Options

How ever you prefer to pay, we can support it. We host a wide range of payment platforms, from instant transfer to buy-now-pay-later systems.

You can pay on the Outback Equipment website via:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Jockey Wheels and Caravan Movers Today

Give your trailer the best with our range of jockey wheels and movers. Check out our range, and order your bits and pieces today.


SKU: 036263_450-00702

Adjustable Swivel Jockey Wheel Bracket

$174.50 $126.64

SKU: 450-00642

Alko 10" Jockey Wheel - With Pin Swivel Bracket

$67.00 $61.99

SKU: 006402_450-00600

Alko 6" Jockey Wheel


SKU: 006406_450-00610

Alko 6" Jockey Wheel With Swivel Bracket


SKU: 006408_450-00620

Alko 8" Jockey Wheel

$49.50 $42.95

SKU: 450-00686

Alko 8" Solid Tyre Wheel Only


SKU: 450-00714

Alko Hex Winder Handle 1150mm


SKU: 450-00712

Alko Hex Winder Handle 800mm

Bonus Gift


SKU: 450-00646

Alko Jockey Wheel Handle

$198.00 $171.00

SKU: 450-00660

Alko Power Mover


SKU: 450-00644

Alko Thrust Bearing

$73.50 $72.99

SKU: 450-00720

Ark 150mm Standard Wheel

$21.59 $17.99

SKU: 450-00750

Ark 6" Solid Rubber Wheel

$93.50 $82.99

SKU: 450-00722

Ark Jckey Wheel 200mm (8") Steel Rim Rubber Wheel


SKU: 044576

ARK XO Series Jockey Wheel 500

Bonus Gift

$324.99 $271.99

SKU: 044577_450-00742

ARK XO Series Jockey Wheel 750

Bonus Gift

$324.99 $310.00

SKU: 051096-A

ARK XO Series Jockey Wheel 750 Black

Bonus Gift

$60.75 $38.99

SKU: 450-00747

Ark XO Series Jockey Wheel Replacement Wheel

$1,404.00 $1,289.99

SKU: 043321-A

Camec Caravan Mover Elite 2

$1,850.00 $1,799.00

SKU: 043322-A

Camec Caravan Mover Elite Pro 2



Cargo Mate Jockey Wheel Mount Kit

$84.55 $77.99

SKU: 450-10008

Coast 10" Jockey Wheel and Standard Clamp


SKU: 450-10010

Coast 10" Jockey Wheel and Swivel Clamp

$41.00 $33.99

SKU: 450-10000

Coast 6" Jockey Wheel and Standard Clamp

$53.50 $46.99

SKU: 450-10002

Coast 6" Jockey Wheel and Swivel Clamp