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Caravan Grab Handles

Some rigs can be a real struggle to get in and out of, especially when emergency exits are involved. Choose from our range of caravan grab handles designed to make navigating tight spaces much easier for those of us who are ‘vertically challenged’.   

If you are looking for a two-in-one product that doubles as a security lock, Fiamma grab handles are top of the range when it comes to design and versatility. A Fiamma grab handle folds and locks up against the outside of the caravan door to ward off would be caravan thieves. Check out Coast to Coast grab handles for an LED light option that helps you find your keys in the dark. 

Cupboard Handles 

If you are simply trying to make opening your cupboards a little easier, choose from a range of door handles from Camec. With a lifetime guarantee you can rest assured high-quality door handles will make accessing your storage areas easy.  

Towel Rails 

Add a little extra functionality with easy to install tea towel rails or hand towel rails, which makes drying out damp linen faster and more convenient.  

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