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When looking for a simple way to secure your deep cycle or lithium battery in your recreational vehicle, we recommend installing a battery box as part of your 12v electrical set up. One of the easiest solutions to multiplying your power outlet options is by investing in a battery box that has already done the challenging work of wiring up the 12v sockets and dual USB ports for you. With just a set of portable solar panels, a lithium battery and Hard Korr battery box you can enjoy endless power for days at a time which gives you the freedom to run as many accessories as you like such as a phone, a speaker and a fridge all at once. 

Which battery box is best for you?

12v battery boxes are not only essential to keeping your lead acid or AGM battery protected from knocks and bumps, it allows you to turn any deep-cycle battery into a portable power station or assists with navigating a dual battery system. Some of our battery boxes such as the heavy-duty battery box from Hard Korr have an option of using a VSR (50A Voltage-Sensitive Relay) and a dual battery wiring kit. This system is used in older model vehicles that do not have a smart alternator and can therefore switch over to charging the secondary battery automatically once the starter battery is full. For modern cars, a DC-DC battery charger is needed to regulate solar input and drawing current from the alternator. Our battery boxes are top of the range and are meant for a wide range of battery types including AGM, Lithium, Wet, Gel and Calcium. 

Most 12v battery boxes are made of durable ABS plastic. Some will contain two 12v outlets with 10A fuses, a dual USB outlet and 50A Anderson-style outlets. If you're after a way to seal off a lead acid battery, then our options from Coast to Coast or Battery Link will do the job. If you do go for a battery box with all the bells and whistles, then you’ll find that the plug and play system is super user friendly and that anyone can install it. The other great part about a 12v battery box is that most, if not all, high-quality ones will have a LED display that can tell you what charge your battery is sitting on. This really is a crucial feature when running appliances all at once, as you don’t want to be caught out with a flat battery in the middle of nowhere. Take the guess work out of charging your appliances by checking out our vast range of 12v battery boxes and batteries today.  

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