Get a HD TV for On the Road!

Even when you’re travelling in the great outdoors, there’s something very nice about being able to switch on the TV and catch your favourite program. And if you’re travelling with your family and have young kids, it’s a lifesaver to be able to pop a DVD on and to keep them occupied while you get dinner ready in the evening.

We stock a range of televisions in various sizes, including a 19 inch HD TV, a 22 inch HD TV and a 24 inch HD TV. So no matter where you want to mount a TV, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution in our range of televisions.


How to Choose the Perfect TV for Your RV or Camper

We have come a long way since the early days of TV watching on the road. Where once the height of sophistication was a compact black-and-white model, now people have bigger televisions on the road than some people do in their lounge rooms! Plus, getting channels is now even easier than ever thanks to an ever-increasing range of exceptional antennae.

We have a few tips here for choosing the best possible HD TV for use in your camper or RV setup. Let’s take a look.



This is one of the key things that you need to think about when choosing a television. The best size comes down to the preference that you have and the size that’s available to you to fit your TV. The largest TVs are probably best suited to bigger RVs so that they don’t seem too big in the space, and you also need to think about the dimensions.


HD TV Power

Our TVs include a 12/24 volt accessory lead, a 240 V plug pack and remote control – so you know that you’ll be able to make it work with whatever power is available to you.



There’s not a whole lot of point in having a TV in your RV or caravan if you aren’t able to watch it when you want to! We have a range of TVs which are easy to tune into DTV (digital TV) stations, which means that you won’t be fiddling around with the channels and you can enjoy your favourite shows easily.


Benefits of Having a TV on the Road

If you’re travelling for a long time – or even if you’re only heading away for a week or two – you might start out with the best of intentions of wanting to catch up on your reading. But you might find that on a rainy afternoon you just want to curl up and watch a bit of TV. If you’re not prepared for this kind of eventuality, you will be disappointed!

It’s far better to have a TV on the road and not need it all the time than it is to want a TV and not have one. An HD TV for your RV, caravan or camper is a great addition to ensuring that you are completely self-sufficient. You will be able to stay up to date with the news, watch movies for free in the comfort of your camper, and catch your favourite shows.

We are sure you will be able to find the perfect HD TV for your needs in our range of TVs. Plus if you are looking for an HD TV with an in-built DVD player, we have these as well. HD TV options with a DVD player are perfect for when you’re travelling with kids and need something to keep them amused from time to time. 


SKU: 044571-A

19" Evolution TV Accessory Pack


SKU: 044572-A

22" & 24" Evolution TV Accessory Pack

$39.95 $32.99

SKU: 900-05600

HDMI 5 In 1 Out Switch & USB DC Lead

$43.95 $36.99

SKU: 040153-A

LCD TV Mount Flat To Wall 15Kg Max 33cm-58cm

$65.95 $58.99

SKU: 040154-A

LCD TV Mount Single Arm 15Kg Max 33cm-58cm Tilt & Swivel

$75.95 $62.99

SKU: 041131-A

LCD TV Mount Triple Arm

$699.34 $549.99

SKU: 900-05906

Lippert 12V TV Slide


SKU: 043743-A

Remote To Suit RV Media Series 2 24" TV


SKU: 044694-A

RV Media 32" Evolution Full HD Smart TV/PVR


SKU: 044573-A

RV Media Backlit Remote Control


SKU: 044477-A

RV Media Evolution TV - 19"


SKU: 044477-A_044396-A

RV Media Evolution TV 19" and Digital HDTV Outdoor TV Antenna

$84.95 $77.99

SKU: 042162-A

RV Media LCD TV Mount 1 Arm 15kg rated supplied with 2 Bases

$105.00 $87.99

SKU: 042163-A

RV Media LCD TV Mount 2 Arm 15kg rated supplied with 2 Bases

$129.00 $115.99

SKU: 042164-A

RV Media LCD TV Mount 3 Arm 15Kg rated supplied with 2 Bases


SKU: 002228-A

Small LCD Pivot Wall Swing Arm Adjustable

$49.95 $42.99

SKU: 900-05587

Sphere 100M Roll RG6 Quad Shield Coax


SKU: 900-05568

Sphere ANT/SAT Diplexer


SKU: 900-05554

Sphere Female F-Type to Female F-Type


SKU: 900-05556

Sphere Female F-Type to Male PAL

$69.95 $62.99

SKU: 900-05598

Sphere HDMI 4 Way Splitter & USB DC Lead


SKU: 900-05558

Sphere Male F-Type to Female F-Type 90 DEG


SKU: 900-05560

Sphere Male F-Type to Female PAL