Camping & Outdoor Gear

Planning your next camping trip? Be prepared for every outdoor adventure with our massive range of top-quality camping gear. Outback Equipment offers camping and outdoor gear to keep you comfortable in the great outdoors, wherever your adventure takes you.

Even the most experienced camper can run into some trouble without the right camping gear. There’s nothing like a dodgy chair or leaky tent to dampen your camping trip.

Whether you’re headed out for a long weekend or a week-long escape to nature, we’ve got everything you need to set up your home away from home, including:

  • Camping accessories
  • Camping furniture
  • Camping cooking equipment
  • Sleeping bags & swags
  • Camping tools.

We stock the biggest brands in the business, so you can trust your camping gear to see you through plenty of nights under the stars.

Camping Accessories

Forget the dog; our camping accessories are your best mate when you’re out in the scrub. From reliable lighting and safety and protection equipment to bathroom and sanitary gear, you’ll wonder how you ever camped without them.

Keep your campsite illuminated well into the night with our lighting range, including torches, lanterns, LED strips, and more. We even have waterproof lights for your boat, trailer, 4WD, and caravan.

No campsite is complete without our safety and protection accessories. Stock up on emergency and first aid gear for peace of mind, and grab your maps and compasses for those hiking emergencies. Trust us, if you’re not getting a little lost, you’re not doing it right!

Our bathroom and sanitary gear brings a bit of extra comfort to your site. We’ve got laundry baskets, showers, and toilets – for when a hole in the ground just won’t cut it.

Camping Furniture

Nothing beats the feeling of kicking back after setting up your site, and a wonky chair won’t do. We’ve got sturdy camping furniture to make sure you’re comfortable when you crack open your first tin.

Choose from a huge range of camping chairs and tables to give yourself somewhere to eat, drink, and take it easy.

We’ve also got padded storage bags to make it easy to store and carry your camping chairs.

Camping Cooking Equipment

Whether you’re craving a hearty stew or a snag on bread, we make mealtime easy with our camping cooking equipment. From potjie pots and Dutch ovens to stainless steel pans and BBQ grates, you’ll be whipping up some tasty grub with our campfire cooking options.

We also offer a huge range of ice boxes and portable camping fridges, so you can savour an icy cold beer as the sun goes down. These are an absolute must if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

We’ve also got storage containers and utensils to make life that much easier.

Sleeping Bags & Swags

This great Southern land can be pretty unpredictable. Warm one minute and cold the next, when it comes to Aussie weather, you just don’t know what you’re going to get.

Our sleeping bags and swags are designed to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. Forget tossing and turning on a thin mattress or shivering in a poorly insulated sleeping bag; our sleeping bags and swags will give you a good night’s sleep after a long day in the bush.

Here you’ll find sleeping bags, swags, inflatable camping mattresses, sleep mats, pillows and blankets from all your favourite brands. Because exploring the great outdoors starts with a decent snooze.

Camping Tools

We’ve got your cutting and digging needs covered with our range of camping tools, featuring knives, shovels, and picks. Our shovels and spades are a must for your 4WD recovery kit.


Wherever your next camping trip takes you, be ready for anything with quality camping and outdoor gear from Outback Equipment.


SKU: 71312

'See Ezy' Rechargeable LED Inspection Light

$99.99 $81.99


1.2m Ezy-Fit LED Strip Light Orange/White



1200mm Dual Colour Flexible LED Strip Light Kit

$49.95 $27.99


1200mm Flexible Amber LED Strip Light

$44.95 $24.99


1200mm Flexible White LED Strip Light



1200mm Flexible white LED Strip Light Kit



12mm Hose Kit suit BOAB Tanks


SKU: 000625-A

12v Mini Fan Heater


SKU: T145

145 Lumen Head Torch

$245.99 $239.99


15l 2 Tone Grey Console Cooler


SKU: T155

160 Lumen Slimline Head Torch



2 Bar Orange/White LED Camp Light Kit With Diffusers


SKU: BEST-67068

2 Man Dome Tent


SKU: BEST-67434N

2-In-1 Fold 'N Rest Camping Bed



2.4m Ezy-Fit LED Strip Light Orange/White

$34.99 $27.99


25cm Super Bright LED Light Bar Orange/White Diffusser


SKU: BEST-67416

3 Person Tent


SKU: 300-01540

3 Position Directors Chair

$58.99 $45.99

SKU: T335

335 Lumen Head Torch

$229.00 $199.99


4 Bar Orange/White LED Camp Light Kit With Diffusers


SKU: best-67171

4 Person Large Tent



4 Piece Tool Kit by Front Runner



4-In-1 Fold 'N Rest Camping Bed



6 Bar Orange/White LED Camp Light Kit With Diffusers

$129.00 $116.99

SKU: T600

600 Lumen Heavy Duty Head Torch

$39.95 $19.95


600mm Flexible Amber LED Strip Light

$39.95 $19.95


600mm Flexible White LED Strip Light