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Camping shower tents or ensuite tents are the perfect addition to your camp site - allowing you to wash and take care of business outside of your main camping tent

Campers can wash and clean themselves wherever they are by having a portable shower & tent. It provides privacy in an area that is typically public and exposed. The shower tent can also be used as a changing area. It serves as an addition for some campers' main tent. It serves as extra storage for some folks. 

The user manual's setup and assembly instructions should be followed when setting up your ensuite tent. Like other tents, shower tents are constructed. They have anchors, flaps, poles, and zippers. When erecting your ensuite tent, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. If your ensuite tent has a sophisticated water system, there can be more steps. This setup ought to be covered in your manual as well. Some ensuite tents have solar panels, which work best when mounted on the roof. Some of them link to a system via batteries. Then, if your kit includes storage tanks for the tent, fill them up or attach the shower to a water supply. After that, have a relaxing shower with the door flaps closed.

How do I pick a shower tent?

Like when looking for an outdoor tent, you should do your research before purchasing a camping shower tent. You'll use your camping shower tent more effectively if you take into account these factors while making your choice. When purchasing your first camping shower tent, keep the following important considerations in mind.

Features to look for

Size: You can determine how much water the shower tent can hold by considering its size and weight. Pick an ensuite tent size that you can easily erect and taken down by one person if travelling alone.

Centre Height: For tall campers, a shower that is a bit too short might be a big hassle. Decide accordingly.

Floor Design: For your shower tent, it is advisable to select a detachable floor design. A strong drainage system and flooring that is resistant to water are some other considerations.

Storage for equipment: Many models offer a towel rack, an integrated mesh shower caddy, or even a separate room where you can keep your items while you wash or utilise a camping toilet.

Material: Poor-quality materials rip and tear more quickly over time than high-quality textiles. If you want an ensuite tent that will last, go for one made of heavy, water-resistant fabric. The thinner the material the more unstable it will be in the wind as well.

Installation: The style, production, and model of your shower tent will affect how easy or challenging it is to erect.  A simple-to-assemble ensuite tent is just as important as the power output of the portable hot water system you decide to bring. One of the easiest set up's we recommend is pairing any ensuite tent with an Aquaheat and simply hanging the shower attachment with the velcro tabs at the top. A good quality shower ensuite will allow for this.

Ventilation: Because a camping shower tent can get very warm inside, it's crucial that it has adequate ventilation. Choosing models with sizable mesh windows and mesh roofs is a great idea. This will also allow it to dry faster as packing away a wet ensuite tent is not advised.

Setting up pop-up shower tents is simple. Install a camping shower tent in a level, dry area. Remove the shower tent from its case and then open it. To prevent the ensuite tent's corners from moving, there are some stakes or sandbags included.

Showering in a tent while camping is identical to showering in a regular bathroom. Bring some water with you if you're not camping at a site with running water so you can take a shower outside. Instead of using running water, you can also use water from a lake or river. Use biodegradable soap and shampoo when taking a shower outside to protect the environment from dangerous chemicals that might contaminate rivers. Showering practically anywhere, at any time, won't be a problem anymore. From now on, make sure to include a shower tent in your camping supplies. You can stay clean and cosy on your upcoming camping trip if you have a camping shower tent.