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We've hand selected our range of heavy duty canvas tents to ensure they represent the highest levels of quality and value for money. Featuring the best brands including Darche, Oztrail and Oztent, our selection of touring canvas tents will provide years of trouble free use no matter where your camping adventures take you in Australia. Shop our range of canvas tents online for fast delivery anywhere in Australia. 

Although canvas tents are more expensive (and heavier) than  other types of tents, they offer many advantages. For decades, seasoned outdoor travellers & families have chosen canvas tents because of sustainability, weather resistance, roominess, durability, strength, and breathability. 

The Pros Of Canvas Tents:

The main factors for those who spend more time sleeping outside to select canvas tents are usually picked for their strength and appeal. But there are a lot more advantages to choosing canvas tents.

  • Water Resistance: Cotton fibres actually stretch, seal, and lock together when exposed to water.
  • Durability: Cotton fabric is hardy, making tearing and ripping more challenging.
  • Control of heat and humidity: The cotton weaves include minute particles that let moisture and summer heat escape.
  • Sustainability: Cotton canvas is readily repairable with straightforward patchwork.

Cons of Canvas Tents

  • Weight - The general guideline to follow is that a heavier canvas correlates to a stronger tent and that stronger tents naturally have superior insulating capabilities. Canvas tents come in a wide range of thicknesses, but the downside is you do have to carry some extra weight.
  • Drying Time - If you're canvas tent gets wet, it will take longer to dry than a more convential nylon or polyester tent. It's important to ensure your canvas tent is thoroughly dry before packing it away as mould can develop over time if it's stored damp.

Canvas Tent Types:

Touring canvas tents and dome tents are the two most often used four-season canvas tents available today. Wall tents, often referred to as safari tents or outfitter tents, feature four vertical walls and can be erected using a number of metal poles either within the tent or outside. Wall tents are fairly roomy but aren't often recommended for short-term use because they take a while to set up and require multiple bags to pack down the tent and its poles. However, once they are up, these make a fantastic base camp.

The structure, support, and form of your shelter are all provided by the poles of your canvas tent. Find the thickest centre pole you can if you intend to use your tent in the snow or keep it up for an extended amount of time. If there is enough snow, most centre poles will bend or snap; otherwise, they could literally puncture through the roof.

Canvas Tent Floors:

Your tent will be protected from animals, wetness, and cold if it has a sturdy floor. A PVC-made, rip-resistant, and waterproof floor is typically included with canvas tents. In order to protect against exposure to rushing or standing water, canvas tent flooring typically extends a few cms up the wall. A feature upgrade on some canvas tents enables the entire floor to be unzipped and removed so that walls can be rolled up to increase ventilation.

Ventilation Points for Canvas Tents:

Even though canvas is a naturally breathable material, if your canvas tent is not built with additional ventilation measures to assist air circulating during hot summer days and nights, it could become stuffy, hot, or muggy. Condensation build-up on the ceiling and interior walls is another effect of poor air circulation. Windows and doors are a clear feature that, when opened, will let air flow through your tent. We advise choosing a tent with numerous windows. To help keep out pesky insects, make sure these openings are covered with a mesh screen. If you're canvas tent does get mouldy - here's how to remove it

Access Points for Power Cords:

Even though you are buying a canvas tent to escape from everyday life, you could still need access to a few gadgets that need electricity. Unwanted insects, rodents, or snakes may enter your living space if cords from your solar panel or generator are run into your tent. Finding a canvas tent with a built-in power cord access point that can zip closed is a simple solution to prevent this.

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