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Give your back a break and check out one of Australia's largest ranges of fridge slides for your portable fridge or freezer. Outback Equipment stocks a range of fridge slides, from leading brands including Clearview, MSA, & Front Runner Outfitters, to make your fridge easier to access, so you can grab that cold drink sooner rather than later. Our heavy-duty 4WD fridge slides are designed to hold your portable fridge or freezer steady during transportation and make it easy to slide the fridge out of its stowed position in your vehicle or camper. From 4WD fridge slides to cargo fridge slides, tilting fridge slides and drop down fridge slides, we’ve got the right design for your vehicle and portable fridge/freezer. Shop online now for delivery Australia-wide. 

The Benefits of Fridge Slides

With a decent sized portable camping fridge weighing anywhere up to 30kg plus - they're not easy to move in the back of your 4WD, Ute or Caravan, especially once you load them up with enough food and drinks for your camping trip. Given their weight, you also want to ensure they're securely fixed in place in the back of your vehicle. Additionally, most camping fridges feature hinged top designs - meaning you're leaving a lot of valuable real estate unused if you have to keep the area above them clear to allow the door to open and close. Fridge slides solve both of these issues - allowing you to easily move the fridge closer to yourself from the back of your vehicle (drop down & tilting models will also bring the fridge down to a more convenient height), whilst also allowing you to store your other camping gear ontop of your fridge when used in conjunction with a fridge cage. 

Fridge Slides for all 4WDs

Outback Equipment stocks fridge slides to suit every all the best portable camping fridges for the back of your 4WD. With designs in a range of sizes, whatever your 4x4 model, we’ll have a fridge slide that’s easy to mount on your vehicle. Our fridge slides are rattle-free, weather-resistant, and can be locked for your peace of mind. Now you can keep your fridge stored securely and easier than ever to get to.

Fridge Slides for Utes

Whether for mounting in your canopy, or just straight onto your ute tray - we stock a massive range of fridge slides for your ute including straight and drop down designs. Make camping that much more enjoyable by adding a fridge slide to the back of your ute. 

Drop Down Fridge Slides

One of the most essential parts to camping fridges is its functionality and being able to integrate it neatly into your 4x4 canopy or kitchen setup. Some builds are designed entirely around the camping fridge as it is used so often whilst traveling. That’s why it’s important to invest is a tough and durable drop down fridge slide if you want to have easy access to dinner.  If you’ve just put 33’s on your vehicle, chances are the more ‘vertically challenged’ people in your convoy will struggle to grab a tinny out of the camp fridge. This might make a great deterrent if you aren’t keen on sharing, but it does make things difficult when that person is you. Drop down fridge slides are built to last years and come in vertical and horizontal placement options to suits all fridges. With MSA working hard to bring their customers the best in functionality and design. Enjoy being able to see clearly what you’ve got packed for lunch by choosing a drop down fridge slide that suits your vehicle and camp fridge from our large range below. 

Cargo Fridge Slides

Our fridge slides don’t just make it easy to access your camping fridge or freezer, either. They can also be used to store your toolbox and other adventure gear when you’re on the go. These bad boys hold your stuff in place and make it easier than ever to access it when you need it. That means no more straining to reach your spanner or your snorkelling gear; our convenient fridge slides take the effort out of grabbing what you need.

Tilt Fridge Slides

With one of these in the back of your 4WD or camper, you’ll never have to struggle to get a tinnie again. Our tilt fridge slides slide out of your vehicle and tilt at an angle of 25 degrees to allow you to easily see and grab what’s in your cooler. Made from robust steel, a tilt fridge slide from Outback Equipment is the must-have piece of gear for every outdoor adventure.

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