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Staying safe when you’re out on (or off) the road is crucial. Prepare for dangers and emergencies with Outback Equipment’s range of vehicle safety accessories. Whether you need equipment to put out fires or safely secure your storage, we have the equipment you need.

We only stock brands we trust and know will last any Aussie adventure. So no matter where your trip takes you, you can rely on our range of parts and accessories.

The Best Vehicle Safety Accessories

Things don’t always go to plan on holidays. But having the right vehicle safety products will help you fix any problems that come up or prevent them from occurring in the first place. If you’re not quite sure which vehicle safety products you might need, our expert staff are always happy to help.

Fire Extinguishers & Blankets

Putting out a fire as quickly as possible is critical for your safety and the safety of your vehicle. Durable and lightweight, our fire extinguishers can be mounted in easy-to-access spaces in any vehicle or camper trailer. And for a rapid solution to a cooking or clothing fire, our fire blankets can be used quickly.

Safety Flags

Going off road onto sand dunes or on forest trails is always a thrill, but the lack of visibility can be dangerous. There could be another vehicle coming around that corner or over that dune. Safety flags give your 4x4 a few extra meters of height to make you much more visible to others around you. They’re easy to install and pack, and they feature high-visibility colours and materials. Just pop one up at the front of your off roader or put one on every corner – better safe than bogged.

Rubber Mount Clamps

Secure your equipment properly on bumpy roads with rubber clamps. Because they’re so easy to install, you can mount them wherever you need them – from your caravan to your garage at home. Whether you have a spade, safety flags, a fire extinguisher or something else to store, these road safety accessories will definitely come in handy.


Why Buy Your Vehicle Safety Products from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

Our team is always on the lookout for new vehicle safety accessories to hit the market. And we know the brands that can be trusted for use in the Outback. So you can rest easy knowing that the road safety accessories in our stock won’t let you down.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re located in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, giving us a purely Aussie perspective on outdoor equipment. And our love of adventures in our backyard gives us firsthand insight into which products from around the world will stand up to challenges here.

Road Safety Accessories Delivered to Your Door

Keep your car parked safe at home while we send your vehicle safety accessories right to your doorstep.

Plenty of Payment Options

We cater both our stock and payment options to your individual needs. That means you can choose to pay now or over a period of time. Choose from:

  • PayPal
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Order Vehicle Safety Accessories to Suit Your Vehicle Today

Travel knowing that you, your family and your vehicle is safe with road safety accessories from Outback Equipment. Browse through the complete range of parts and accessories and prepare for your next adventure today!