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Electrical Accessories for 4WD, Caravans and Boats

We spent years testing out and putting together the most premium range of high-quality gear manufactured and produced by the biggest names in the business. Redarc, Hulk, Baintech and many others have proven themselves as market leaders, whereas Hard Korr, Battery Link, Ampfibian and many others have risen above the ever-expanding list of awesome products out there and that’s why we stock only the best from the brands we’ve really put to the test here at Outback Equipment. Dual battery systems, lights, solar panels and batteries, you name it, we have it right here.

Accessories and Plugs

At Outback Equipment we stock a massive range of 12v switch panels, USB outlets, 12v power outlets, power adapters and much more. Whether you plan to set up your dual battery system in the back, or if you want to start charging devices such as mobile phones, tablets and camera batteries through your car's 12v cigarette socket, we have the right products to make your wiring diagram a reality.

Batteries and Accessories

A reliable power source is arguably the most important addition to your next road trip or outdoor adventure. A battery has been the number one way to make sure you don’t miss out on the luxury of watching the finale of The Bachelor whilst camping on the beach. Or taking that perfect shot of the rig out on the tracks, as much as we’d like to go camping without any power, not everyone feels the need to go full Bear Grylls and the reality is, everything needs charging. So, at Outback Equipment we stock the largest range of AGM & lithium deep cycle batteries in all different sizes to suit everyone's needs. Whether that’s powering an off-grid tiny home, or just a power pack to get you through a hike, there’s a battery to suit.

Battery Chargers and Accessories

Once you’ve picked out the perfect battery, it’s important to make sure that it’s not just charging correctly but being able to ensure the longest life possible is where the right Battery charger comes into the picture. Battery chargers including DC-DC chargers are there to ensure that battery is charged at the correct rate no matter what the charging system may be in your vehicle or external source. We understand the importance of a functioning battery, and we are proud to provide a quality range of battery chargers that does the job efficiently and safely. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for the highest-quality battery chargers to add to our vast collection. We already stock the best in the biz like, CTEK, Redarc and more.

Dual Battery Systems

At Outback Equipment we are dedicated to providing the best products and information to get you on the road and enjoying the luxury of 12v power. Selecting the appropriate battery is a great start, but for everything else it’s best to start by planning for the number of devices or appliances you wish to run. We know our customers are more than capable of a DIY job, but for any further assistance or an update on the latest gear, check out the products below to get inspired. In a caravan for example, there are usually multiple appliances running at once and will therefore require a bit more planning. If you’re building a bus, van, touring RV or the ultimate 4WD, a dual battery system has thousands of layouts and variants. So, to ensure you’ve got the right gear and knowledge behind you, head to our product pages to get to know what’s in store for you.

Inverters & Generators

Choosing an inverter or an inverter generator doesn’t have to be a difficult one, as we only offer the best. An inverter generator from Westinghouse, Briggs & Stratton or Dometic is the perfect way to enjoy the convenience of portable power wherever you go. If something ever goes wrong with your electrical system, or there's a power outage in the caravan park, or if you want to run off-grid for a while an inverter generator can run multiple appliances for over 24 hours. Having multiple power outputs lets you choose the accessories and appliances it charges. Choosing an inverter that produces consistent, smooth and clean power just like you’d get from a 240v main power output is easy. Our selection of pure sine waveform inverters allows a wider range of devices to be powered from these devices. Having the option of 240v outlets whilst camping opens a whole new way of travelling, whether it’s just to charge a laptop or plug in a tv, we’ve got you covered. Hard Korr inverters are also built to surge up to 1200W which makes it ideal for any appliance that requires a higher start-up wattage.

Jump Starters & Power Packs

Who needs roadside assist! A portable jump starter can make all the difference between getting on your way sooner and waiting around for help in one of the hottest countries in the world. If you’re a keen four-wheel driver, you’ll know the importance of having a suitable way to jump-start a vehicle in case of the worst. Even if you’re not wheelin around in a 4WD and you just like to be prepared for every eventuality, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a jump starter pack.

Solar Panels

Having a solar panel as part of your arsenal whilst camping is a game-changer. We stock a range of options, from flexible and folding to fixed to portable and everything in between. If you love camping but also love the taste of ice-cold beer, then you might just be the perfect candidate for a portable solar panel. A solar panel is not just limited to keeping your beers cold of course, your portable solar panels also have a range of other applications including charging your mobile devices and speakers, they can heat water and gas appliances and even charge car batteries. While the most common use for a portable solar panel is running essential appliances like a fridge or lights, but if you are looking to charge more complicated devices like camera batteries or laptops, check out our range of high-quality, super powerful solar panels from Hard Korr, Baintech, Camec and Thunder.


Switches and switch panels make it easy to control the flow of power to your appliances and devices with one flick of a switch. We stock switches, push switches, battery switches, rocker switches, sockets and meters. Anything your heart desires.

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