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4x4 Recovery Accessories & Equipment

Where’s the fun in keeping all 4 wheels on the tarmac? If you’ve got 4-wheel drive, you’re bound to wander off-road eventually. But to make sure your vehicle makes its way back to the road, you’ll need to bring along the right 4x4 accessories and equipment.

No matter what adventure you’re on, we’ve got the kit to get you through it.


Outback Equipment's Range of 4x4 Accessories

If there’s something connected to getting your car off the beaten track, you can pretty well bet we’ve got it covered. From the toughest recovery equipment to the smoothest interior accessories, you can take your off-road game to new heights.

4x4 Recovery Equipment

If you’ve never managed to get stuck somewhere, you’re not having enough fun. Thankfully, we’ve got everything you’ll need to tackle the toughest the outdoors can throw at you.

We’ve got everything you need to get messy, then get home again:

  • 4x4 jacks – From rocky roads to sandy plains, it’s pretty easy to find yourself wedged somewhere less than ideal. Thankfully, an exhaust jack can get up to 4 tonnes of off-roading muscle out of any sticky situation.
  • 4x4 recovery kits – These kits come with absolutely everything you’ll need to recover your vehicle. With kits rated to tug vehicles over 3 tonnes, you’ll be up and ready to get stuck somewhere else in a flash.
  • Recovery boards and tracks – If it’s just a bit of loose terrain holding you back, don’t bother asking for help. Whip out these feisty little tracks, and get yourself up and running again.
  • Winches – No one around who can help get you out of trouble? No stress – these high-power winches can do the recovery for you. Simply hook it up, press a button, and get going again.

Exterior 4x4 Equipment

There’s plenty you can fit to the outside of your beast to prepare it for the outdoors. After all, no new models sitting in a caryard come ready for everything the outback can throw at it.

So, make sure you’ve got everything you need with our range of 4x4 exterior equipment:

  • Snorkels and accessories – Headed through water? Or are you just driving down a road covered in more dust than grandad’s old work boots? Unless you’ve got a soft spot for stalling, you’re going to want to fit a snorkel. And to sweeten the deal, we’ve even got all the accessories you’ll need to keep clean, filtered air coming through to your engine.
  • Protective equipment – From bumpers to bullbars, we’ve got everything you’ll need to keep your car in one piece.

And there’s plenty more exterior 4x4 equipment where that came from – just check out our complete range!

Interior 4x4 Equipment

Need your rig to hold a little more cargo? Or are you mostly looking to add a few of those creature comforts? If there’s something that will help the inside of your 4x4, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ve got it handy.

You’ll find all the essentials in our range of:

  • Car boot liners
  • Floor mats and seat covers
  • Communications and navigation equipment
  • Storage and drawers
  • Fridge slides
  • Dash mats.

And if you’re not interested in completely losing yourself in the wild, we’ve got all the best guides to 4WD treks and adventures. Eat your heart out, Siri.

4x4 Performance Equipment

Looking to tackle the sorts of trails that turn grown-ups into children? You’re going to need to get the most out of your vehicle. And the best way to do that is with our premier range of performance-enhancing 4x4 equipment.

We’ve got the toughest exhaust systems and throttle controls for the toughest vehicles on the market. So no matter what you drive, we can help you get the most out of it.

Ready to hit the road? Browse our range of 4x4 accessories and equipment today!

$299.00 $254.40


MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Tracks

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MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set

$349.99 $245.00


Mean Mother Adventurer 3 Air Compressor 160L/Min

$225.99 $203.00

SKU: AC495

Dr Air Pro Flow Air Compressor 150L P/Min



Tuff Terrain Brass Air Deflator


SKU: AC595

Dr Air 4WD Air Compressor

$45.00 $44.99


Ironman Soft Shackle 14000kg (500mm x 12mm)

$229.00 $176.39


Tred GT Recovery Board Gun Grey

On Sale

$324.99 $269.90


Tred Pro Recovery Tracks 1160 - Gun Grey

$324.99 $269.90


Tred Pro Recovery Tracks 1160 - Red



2x Mean Mother Bow Shackle 4.7t - Mm512

$55.00 $52.00


Ironman Soft Shackle 17500kg (500mm x 12mm)

$149.99 $125.00


Mean Mother 4x4 Recovery Shovel

$175.99 $128.99


Mean Mother High Lift Jack 48 Inch

$69.00 $61.99


Bushranger Snatch Strap 8000KG

$36.99 $25.99


Dr Air 4x4 Tyre Gauge

$240.00 $230.00

SKU: 72X04

Exhaust Jack

$350.00 $320.00

SKU: 72X10

Exhaust X Jack

$59.00 $45.99

SKU: H188

Heavy Vehicle Tyre Pressure Monitor System Sensor



Ironman 4WD Lift Jack 48inch (Includes cover)

$49.99 $27.99


Replacement Air Hose to suit AC240/AC402/AC475

$229.00 $176.39


Tred GT Recovery Board Miltary Green

On Sale



Winch Utility Kit - Extra Heavy Vehicle