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Camping Fridge Slide

So, how do you choose the best vehicle drop-down fridge slides for your upcoming trip? Not only that, how do you lower your camping fridge's power consumption? You will need a high-quality camping fridge to keep your food and beverages cold, going for a cheaper option may lead to having to replace it down the track anyway due to faulty and cheap parts. A 4WD drop-down fridge slide simply makes it easier to access the contents of your camping fridge and if you spend any time driving about in your 4WD. Although it seems straightforward, there are a few things to take into account before choosing the best refrigerator and drop-down fridge slide combination.

Camping fridge FAQS:

The majority of 12V portable refrigerators use between 1 and 6 amps per hour; the variation depends on the size of the refrigerator, the compressor type, the insulation thickness, the ambient temperature, etc. Although the compressor will turn on and off to maintain the proper temperature of the refrigerator, the amps mentioned above will offer you an indication of the power you'll need to keep your fridge running. It's always a better idea to place your refrigerator on a drop-down fridge slide and in a covered area of your car so that it is out of the way of the sun and shielded from the heat. You need a secondary battery to power your fridge because running it off your car battery is the worst thing you can do because it will quickly run flat. In order to prolong the life of the deep cell battery, it's crucial to never discharge it below 50% of its potential, or about 12.2 volts. This is not a smart idea because your secondary batteries are more expensive than standard car batteries, so after it reaches 50% of their capacity, start your engine and allow it to charge on its own or, if you prefer, attach it to solar panels.

How to choose the right drop-down fridge slide:

Do you need a drop-down fridge slide? The short answer is no. However, with some canopies on the back of a 4WD, they can be 1.7m off the ground and for those of us who aren't basketball players, being able to see what's inside your fridge becomes a challenge. You can choose between a drop-down fridge slide that can lower the fridge to a height that is even more accessible or a fridge slide that slides out of your canopy for simple access. Whatever sort of refrigerator slide you choose, make sure it can be fully locked to stop the fridge from swinging back and forth while you're driving, like the ones from Clearview. If you're latches break whilst sending it up a difficult track, there is nothing to stop your 50kg fridge from flying out of the canopy.  A vehicle drop-down fridge slide can be used for other big objects as well, such as a generator or a sizable toolbox. Depending on how your camping fridge opens, whether it be side opening or from the front, it's best to install a drop-down fridge slide that will accommodate this.

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