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4x4 Winch for Offroad Recovery 

Outback Equipment offers a wide selection of 4x4 winches from leading brands like Dobinsons, Carbon Offroad, Bushranger and Mean Mother, available in both wire and synthetic rope options. For anyone who ventures off-road, having the right recovery gear, including a quality winch, is essential. A 4x4 winch can get out of sticky situations swiftly. 

How to Choose the Right 4x4 Winch 

When selecting recovery equipment, it's important to ensure the winch suits your vehicle's capacity and anticipated recovery scenarios. A good place to start is to select a winch with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 times your vehicle's gross weight (GVW). The winch provides the necessary pulling power for your vehicle's weight and the types of terrain you encounter. 

Why You Need a 4WD Winch? 

A 4x4 winch provides a reliable means of self-recovery when traction is lost, such as on steep inclines or muddy tracks. You can overcome difficult situations even when you get stuck. It offers peace of mind, knowing you have a tool to extract your vehicle from tough spots, even when traveling alone. 

These Winches Are Designed to Last 

Our winches are built to withstand the toughest conditions, with robust gearbox designs for reliable recovery performance. Trust Outback Equipment's range to deliver durability and reliability for all your off-road adventures. 

How to us a 4WD Winch Safely: 

When you are using a 4WD winch, it is absolutely vital that you adhere to a couple of standard safety procedures so that you can continue to operate safely and to perform your rescue. Always do everything to extract the vehicle under its own power. Make sure you’ve lowered the tyre pressure, cleared obstacles, checked that your vehicle hasn’t jumped out of 4WD, and given your traction control system time to build up power. 

When you do need to winch, follow these steps: 

  • Always ensure that your 4X4 winch cable is in perfect condition. No fraying, kinking, separated or broken strands 

  • Place a heavy damper over the winch cables (a heavy tarp will do, but a ‘saddle bag’ with a weight in each pocket is best) to ensure that if the cable breaks, it does not lash around. There have been reports of terrible injuries from broken winch cables 

  • Be cautious with everything you do, and be sure to stay safe