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Transporting goods on the roof of your car is a great way to save space in your vehicle and to make for a more comfortable ride overall. Perhaps you’re transporting some old or dirty goods and don’t want it riding in the back of the car with you. A roof rack is perfect for this kind of transporting. Roof racks are also vital when you are looking to secure a large load, and you have too much stuff to fit it all in the back of your car.

But what do you do when you must secure your load on the roof of your car? You don’t want to be driving along, fearful that your load might not be tied down properly! You could use rope – but are you certain that your knots will hold? Having roof racks on your car is great, but roof racks are even better when you have the ultimate roof rack accessory: the roof rack net.

Our quality luggage net for cars and four wheel drives makes securing your load a whole lot easier. So the next time you have to transport a load on the roof rack of your car, make sure you get peace of mind (and comply with regulatory needs) and use a luggage net/roof rack net to secure your load.

Benefits of Using a Roof Rack Net

There are numerous benefits to using a roof rack net, not least of all being that you can fold it up and pop it in the back of the car and know that it’s always going to be in there for future use. When you have rope, it can be annoying or inconvenient to ensure that you have the right rope for the job – but with a roof rack net, you just sling it over the cargo, hitch it down with the hooks and away you go.

Our Cargo Mate roof rack net and other brands are geared to work in the harsh Aussie conditions and are perfect for every job, whether you’re planning a big trip around Australia or a big trip to the refuse centre to get rid of some household junk.

Discover a world of convenience and easy use when you invest in a cargo net for your roof. 

Regulations of Load Restraint

If you’re driving a vehicle and are transporting a load, you need to make sure that the load you have is restrained properly. When we’re talking about load restraint, it doesn’t just mean making sure the load doesn’t come off – we’re talking about keeping the load safe and ensuring it doesn’t shift in such a way that could make your car unstable/unsafe.

Queensland laws dictate that your load must be restrained using an appropriate load restraint method. If you don’t restrain your load correctly, you may cause an accident, an injury or even death. Objects can fall from your vehicle causing others to swerve, skid or lose control.

An unsecured load might fly off your car in the event of emergency braking, and you might have a load on the roof of your car that could shift and cause instability in your vehicle. Neither of these is a good outcome – but you can save yourself the hassle with a roof rack net!

So, if tying knots has never been your thing, and you value the safety of others on the roads, save yourself and everyone else a whole heap of trouble and invest in a roof rack net.