Dometic was originally the leisure appliances division of Electrolux, eventually getting up on and standing on its own feet in 2001. Their focus on “mobile living made easy” is evident in the range of products they offer to service activities like cooking, hygiene, and temperature control. Also catering to commercial and passenger vehicles, marine, and retail and lodging, Dometic is best known for what they offer to the recreational vehicle market. The development and design of new products are often conducted in close cooperation with RV manufacturers, all produced with comfort in mind. To complement and bolster their robust product line, Dometic has also purchased other reputable brands including Atwood, best known for their water heating systems, and Waeco, experts in portable coolers and fridges — these are now sold under the Dometic brand.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Dometic goods including fridges, coolers, water heaters, air conditioners, sinks, and accessories.

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15l 2 Tone Grey Console Cooler

$149.99 $141.89


8L 2 Tone Grey Console Cooler Fridge

$1,399.00 $1,228.00

SKU: RM2350

Dometic 90 L Fridge Freezer with manual control

$1,649.00 $1,599.00

SKU: RM2356

Dometic 95 L Fridge Freezer with Universal Energy Selection

$369.00 $299.99

SKU: 003581-A

Dometic Atwood Hot Water Service Gas Solenoid Valve

$209.99 $189.99

SKU: 700-01504

Dometic CI-42 Roto Moulded COOL-ICE 41L Ice Box

$339.99 $219.99

SKU: 9600000542

Dometic CI-55 Roto Moulded COOL-ICE 55L Ice Box.

$279.99 $269.99

SKU: 700-01508

Dometic CI-70 Roto Moulded COOL-ICE 71L Ice Box

$379.00 $294.99

SKU: 700-01510

Dometic CI-85 Roto Moulded COOL-ICE 86L Ice Box



Dometic Coolfreeze CF18 Insulated Cover


SKU: 300-00900

Dometic CoolFreeze Portable Fridge Stand

$301.00 $273.64

SKU: 100-00004

Dometic H-Frame

$359.99 $329.99

SKU: 700-01512

Dometic Roto Moulded COOL-ICE 111L Ice Box. CI-110

$169.00 $159.99

SKU: 800-04984

Dometic S/S Sink 650x380x145. T_9102300058 VA934

$129.00 $119.99

SKU: 800-04986_006057

Dometic Stainless Steel Sink Square Mod 910 370x370x125



Dometic Waeco 11 L Fridge



Dometic Waeco Coolpro 21 L Portable Cooler


SKU: 700-00100

Dometic/Electrolux CK150 Rangehood (Flush Mount)


SKU: 650-01011

Fantastic Vent 2250 with White Arched Lid

$623.00 $549.99

SKU: 9108879210

Fantastic Vent 3350 Power Smoke Lid


SKU: 043392-A

Fantastic Vent 3350 Power Smoke Lid

$2,093.00 $2,049.99

SKU: 100-02001

Dometic CALR242 Air Conditioner

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