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When you have a battery charger handy, you’re able to charge up a flat or failing battery in a short period. We understand the importance of a functioning battery, and we are proud to provide a quality range of battery chargers that does the job efficiently and safely. We have a wide range of battery chargers available to ensure your vehicle is never at risk of breaking down. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for the highest-quality chargers to add to our vast collection. If there’s a specific battery charger you’re after, feel free to reach out to a member of our team and we’ll do our best to track it down for you. A battery charger allows you to:

  • Extend the life of your battery

  • Restore the performance of your battery

  • Maintain any warranty that may be on your battery

  • Minimise the chances of breaking down or being caught short.

Car and 4WD Battery Chargers

When it comes to managing the life of your car battery, you can’t go past owning a car battery charger. In fact, we’d bet most outdoorsmen and women who enjoy getting out on the road or heading off camping for the weekend can’t live without a portable car battery charger. With a battery charger, you’re no longer at the mercy of an interior light left on overnight, or a battery that is suddenly flat for some other reason. A battery charger saves you a call to the auto club and puts the power squarely back into your hands. We stock only the best and most popular products, such as Ctek battery chargersand other reliabe brands such as OzCharge battery chargers. A battery charger can either be designed to plug straight into a 240v outlet which will trickle charge a car battery to full capacity in just under 16hrs or you can invest in a Ctek battery charger that is designed to be hardwired from your solar input to your batteries, allowing it to act as your 3-in-1 solar controller, battery management system and battery charger packed into this little unit of Ctek charger technology. 

Caravan Battery Chargers

Getting out in the caravan or RV is right up there on our list of the most enjoyable things to do on the weekend or holidays. And when you’re heading out on the road, you want peace of mind knowing your batteries are charged up right for the trip away. We stock a range of caravan battery charger options that work in diverse conditions to deliver the best charging results. Many of our chargers operate intelligently – smart chargers, if you will – and control the charging process to ensure the charging rate optimises the battery life and function.

Batteries With In-built Battery Chargers

If you're looking for a simple unit that packs a punch when it comes to power, check out our range of slimline lithium batterys from Baintech designed to fit into tight spots when space is limited. Not only are they half the size of a normal battery and half the weight, they are meticulously manufactured to the highest possible quality so they last a lifetime on the road. With an in-built battery management system and DC-DC charging capability this unit is solid investment to your 12v solar or dual battery system. 

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