Ark have been Australia’s leading specialist in trailer parts and towing gear for over 33 years. 100% Australian owned and independent, Ark designs and manufactures trailer parts for manufacturers and aftermarket retailers. They began by making tow balls in 1979 and have gradually expanded their product lines to include more than 500 different parts and accessories. They offer everything from hubs, springs, axles, and couplings to electrical plugs and sockets, locks, lighting, towing accessories, jockey wheels, and jerry can holders. Ark has also been responsible for introducing innovations such as the lockable jerry can holder, the tow ball shin protector, and the quick assembly 7 pin flat plug.

Outback Equipment stock a range of Ark caravan accessories including various jockey wheels, hitch locks, tow ball mounts, and more.

$18.85 $17.99

SKU: 350-00026

2.5ton 50mm Chrome Tow Ball Long Shank 7/8" X 80mm

$17.85 $15.99

SKU: 350-00022

3.5ton 50mm Chrome Tow Ball Shank 7/8" X 51mm

$17.85 $15.99

SKU: 350-00024

3.5ton 50mm Chrome Tow Ball Shank 7/8" X 62mm

$73.50 $72.99

SKU: 450-00720

Ark 150mm Standard Wheel

$21.59 $17.99

SKU: 450-00750

Ark 6" Solid Rubber Wheel


SKU: 350-00021

Ark Black Shin Protector W/H Ball Cover

$48.15 $32.99

SKU: 350-00086

Ark Dual Purpose Hitch Pin Lock 5/8" X 65mm/80mm

$93.50 $82.99

SKU: 450-00722

Ark Jckey Wheel 200mm (8") Steel Rim Rubber Wheel


SKU: 039991-A

Ark Shin Protector


SKU: 450-00920

Ark Trailer Heavy Duty Coupling Lock


SKU: 044576

ARK XO Series Jockey Wheel 500

$324.99 $271.99

SKU: 044577_450-00742

ARK XO Series Jockey Wheel 750

$324.99 $310.00

SKU: 051096-A

ARK XO Series Jockey Wheel 750 Black


SKU: 000913-A

Ark/Hayman Reese Lockable Pull Pin

$459.99 $389.99


Arkpak DA25 Powerpack 3 12V Battery Box


SKU: 350-00070

Black Shin Protector

$48.95 $42.99

SKU: 550-01062

Cradle T/S 4.5kg Gas Cylinder Galvanised No Base. Gbh4g

$76.00 $67.99

SKU: 450-02500

Jerry Can Holder Adjustable. Jch1020d

$186.40 $129.99

SKU: 350-00018

Ark tow ball Tongue & Tow Ball

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