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When choosing a DC to DC battery charger, it’s important to pick the right kind for your needs. It’s no secret a quality DC to DC battery charger will charge up your battery faster and more effectively than a cheaper one. DC to DC chargers are smart chargers for your 12V electrical system. Perfect for camper vans, caravans, pop tops and camper trailers fitted with dual battery systems, a DC to DC charger is the most effective way of maintaining and charging an auxiliary battery off the alternator. If you’re planning a trip away with your caravan or RV, be sure your vehicle’s prepared at optimum charge by installing a quality DC to DC charger. Rest assured our team of professionals will always find top-of-the-range DC to DC chargers to be part of our collection. We stock only the best brands such as Redarc and Thunder. 

Why are DC to DC chargers beneficial?

DC to DC battery chargers when dealing with a 12V battery power system work by isolating the auxiliary battery circuit from the vehicle’s alternator, so its computer management system sees it as an accessory feed – like a set of camping lights. The DC to DC battery charger then boosts the main battery’s charge, maximising its charging ability and delivering it in an enhanced form. This makes it possible to achieve 100% charge after a day’s worth of driving. It’s important that you keep the battery on your caravan or RV as close to 100% as possible. The life of your battery may be reduced if you keep it below 100%. As a result, if you’re not going to be using your caravan or RV every month or so, it’s important to keep your battery on float charge to ensure a long battery life. A DC-DC charger is also beneficial because it automatically knows when the main car battery is full and will then direct the alternator to charge the auxiliary battery. It also knows when to regulate the solar input if there is one, using a built in MPPT solar regulator.

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