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Convenient Storage Solutions with Spare Wheel Bags

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Often when you’re out driving in the bush, you have a lot of gear packed into your 4WD. You might be travelling with your family or friends and so have tents, clothes, food and a range of camping gear all organised in the back of your car or trailer. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that you can access everything when you need it, while another concern is finding somewhere safe to put all your rubbish so you don’t leave any behind in the bush - or keep your dirty gear so it doesn't stink out the car! 

The solution? A spare wheel bag. The hard-wearing and durable spare wheel bag from Outback Equipment attaches securely to your spare tyre on the back of your car and can be used for a range of storage purposes. Whether you need it to cart rescue equipment in an accessible spot, or you want to use at as a spare wheel rubbish bag – it’s a great choice for your four wheel drive.

4WD Spare Wheel Bag

The 4X4 rear wheel bag is built to withstand tough conditions and continual use. Use it to store the things you don’t want to have in the car with you – so whether that’s rubbish, dirty clothes or boots, or wet and muddy recovery gear, it’s the perfect choice for your next trip. It affixes securely to the spare tyre on the rear of your car or caravan and keeps your dirty gear and/or rubbish outside.

Another benefit of using a spare wheel bag as a spare wheel rubbish bag is that you’ll discourage foraging animals because they won’t be able to get in to rummage through your discards.

Spare Wheel Rubbish Bags

Whether you’re out exploring the bush on a four wheel driving holiday, or just touring around with the family, you want to take care of the environment and clean up your rubbish. One of the easiest ways to cart your rubbish around is with a spare wheel bag. If you’re planning on using your spare wheel bag for rubbish, be sure to pack a few bin liners to make it easier to clean up after your trip is over.

Protect Your Spare Tyre

While it’s great to have a storage bag to throw dirty gear or rubbish into, the spare wheel bag also comes with an additional bonus in that it protects your spare tyre from dirt and rocks as you’re travelling along.

Dirty Gear Bags

Keep rubbish and muddy or wet gear out of the car and in a secure spot with a spare wheel bag from Outback Equipment. We are proud to offer you a range of hardwearing dirty gear bag options and accessories for your next camping or four wheel driving trip. Why not look at our range of spare wheel bag options and find the one that is best suited to your needs?

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