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Caravan Mirrors for Cars

Staying safe on the road is a key part of what makes your caravanning experience enjoyable. While it’s vital that you know how to reverse and handle your caravan or RV successfully, it’s also just as important that you have the right caravan towing mirrors so you are aware of what’s going on around you, behind you and beside you!

We have a range of caravan towing mirrors for sale and stock a wide range of portable caravan mirrors for cars, ensuring that you will easily find what you’re looking for here.


Choosing Your Extension Mirrors for Caravan Towing

Do you need special extension mirrors for towing your caravan? Yes, you certainly do. Having the right mirrors means that you have full visibility of your vehicle and your caravan, and this equals responsible caravan ownership and care. Not to mention the fact that you’re required by law in Australia to have a full and clear view of the road and traffic ahead, behind and to each side of you.

So when it comes down to choosing the kinds of mirrors that you’re going to get, you need to consider the types available and to think about what you want, and how often you travel.

Towing mirrors

We stock a range of portable towing mirrors, from magnetic mirrors to door mounted mirrors and even suction mirrors. What you choose is largely down to your personal preference.

You want to ensure that you install the strongest mirrors possible with good support. This will reduce the instances of your mirrors moving around.

The benefits of the various models include:

  • Easy to install
  • Great visibility
  • Won’t scratch your car’s paint or damage your existing mirrors
  • Versatile - can be used for a caravan, boat or another wide load that you’re towing


Installing Your Mirrors and a Good Pre-Trip Checklist

Make sure that you have fitted your mirrors correctly per the manufacturer’s instructions. You want to ensure that when you glance in those mirrors, you can see everything perfectly.

If you fit a certain type of mirror which fits onto your car’s external rear-view mirrors, you also need to make sure that you can still adjust your car’s mirrors while the extensions are in use. There are instructions which come with every one of our caravan towing mirrors, so make sure you tuck them away in that handy drawer that we all have in our homes and keep them safe for next time.

Double check your visibility by hooking up your caravan, boat or RV and then making double sure that you can see everything you need to.


  • Check oil, water, brake fluid, batteries
  • Inspect your tyres and make sure the pressure is what it should be for towing
  • Check wheel nuts and make sure they’re tightened
  • Make sure coupling socket and ball match
  • Check or connect safety chains
  • Check your trailer/brake lights
  • Check towing lights and number plates can be seen
  • Make a couple of test stops to make sure that your brakes are working
  • Check your mirrors and make sure they’re working (i.e. that you can see everything you need to)
  • Make sure everything internal and external has been secured and is in travel position

With all this in mind, happy towing and safe travels!


SKU: 040657_PAIR

Camec Clip On Towing Mirror (Flat Glass) Pair

$24.95 $23.99

SKU: 040657-A

Camec Clip On Towing Mirror (Flat Glass) Single

$169.00 $149.99

SKU: 034194-A

Camec Heavy-Duty Door Mirror Ratchet Strap Type

$51.95 $44.99

SKU: 000995-A

Camec Heavy-Duty Mirror Head Only

$94.99 $72.99

SKU: 350-00500_BSM50

Coast Door Mount Mirror


SKU: 350-00500X2_BSM50

Coast Door Mount Mirrors Pair



Drive Clip On Towing Mirror


SKU: MH3006

Drive Easy Fit Towing Mirror


SKU: MH3015

Drive Heavy Duty Door Mount Towing Mirror

$69.99 $37.99

SKU: MH717X2

Drive Multi Fit Towing Mirror Pair

$39.99 $18.99

SKU: MH717

Drive Multi Fit Towing Mirror Single



Drive XL Clip-On Towing Mirror



Extendable Towing Mirror For Toyota Prado 150 Series

$153.95 $119.95

SKU: 350-00402

Milenco Falcon Mirror Twin Pack

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