Hoses & Piping


SKU: 800-01000

AC41 Water Filler With hinged Lid (White)


SKU: 005464-A

Adapter 12mm x 1/2in Male BSP Continuous (DM)


SKU: 043414-A

Adapter 20mm FBSP To 15mm MBSP


SKU: 035597-A

Adapter Screw On With Raised Lip


SKU: 800-00932

Aquatouch Fuel Filler White


SKU: 042863-A

Ball Valve 25mm PVC


SKU: 005453-A

Barb Connector 15mm x 1/2in


SKU: 042645-A

Barbed Joiner 25mm


SKU: 800-01330

Black Concertina Hose 10m Roll 1" (27mm Id).


SKU: 038435_800-01332

Black Waste Hose 10m Roll 25mm Id. 36m25x10ctc


SKU: 800-01342

Black Waste Hose 10m Roll 25mm Id. 36m25x30ctc


SKU: 800-01334

Black Waste Hose 10m Roll 27mm Id. 36m27x10ctc


SKU: 800-01346

Black Waste Hose 10m Roll 32mm Id. 36m32x10ctc


SKU: 800-01344

Black Waste Hose 30m Roll 27mm Id. 36m27x30ctc


SKU: 042692-A

Brass EZ Hose Connector


SKU: 044124-A

Brass Female Adapter 12mm x 3/8" BSP WATERMARKED


SKU: 800-01991

Brass Hose Connector Set 12 Mm


SKU: 044123-A

Brass Straight Adapter 12mm x 1/2 BSPT WATERMARKED