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Only the Best Caravan Hoses and Pipes 

We have all the products you need for your drinking, washing and toilet plumbing needs. If you’re not sure which hose pipe is right for your trip, get in touch with our friendly team – we’d be happy to give you the expert advice based on experience. 

Sullage Hoses 

While the outback and our coasts are known for their endless beauty, they’re not known for endless bathrooms. So, you’ll need the right sullage and caravan waste hoses on your next adventure. From fulfilling your boat’s shower needs to helping you discharge your caravan toilet plumbing. We have a hose pipe to suit your requirements, whether you just need a simple set up for a small van or more specialised caravan hose system for the whole family, you’ll find the right products right here. 

If you’re tight on space and love convenience, check out our caravan sullage hose reels. Their compact design makes them easy to store, while giving you the benefits of a long hose when you need it. 

Water Hoses 

Keep water flowing correctly through your living spaces with our strong caravan drinking water hoses. Designed to channel fresh water, they’re a safe, non-toxic and clean solution to your different water transfer needs. Choose a standard water hose pipe, a coiled hose pipe, or a drinking water pipe on a handy reel. We always recommend installing a water filter before your 12v water pump for the best quality drinking water. We also love the range of compact hose reels and flatline drinking water hoses from Coast to Coast, guaranteed to save on space. 

Fittings and Accessories 

To connect your hose pipes to different fixtures, appliances and water tanks, you’ll need specific caravan hose fittings and inlets. Thankfully, we have all the accessories you need to get your water where you need it. Our range includes: 

  • Stem adaptors 

  • Hose pipe clamps 

  • Lockable water fillers 

  • Valves and connectors  

  • Lockable water inlets 

The range also features many pipe adaptors, lids, caravan sullage hose fittings and other parts – so make sure you browse through the full range online. 

Why shop with Outback Equipment? 

  • We’re Australian owned and operated – We’re based right here in the south of Brisbane. If you ever need help with an order or a product, you can call straight through to our friendly local team.  

  • Plenty of payment options – You can pay via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, zipMoney, Afterpay, and direct deposit – whichever is most convenient for you. 

  • Delivered to your door – You don’t have to worry about darting across town to grab your order. We deliver your goods straight to your door to save you time and energy. 

Order Your Caravan Hoses And Hose Fittings Today 

Stay in complete control of your water supply with our range of caravan drinking water hose and pipes.  Get your boat or caravan ready for its next big trip with the huge range of sullage hoses, drinking water hoses and hose fittings from Outback Equipment. Browse our wide range online and order the parts you need today!