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What is the difference between a battery isolator and a battery isolator switch?

A battery isolator separates multiple batteries from each other to allow your vehicle to have access to the backup power source. Any spare batteries are then charged off the alternator, when a battery isolator is installed it can automatically switch power sources if the battery being used suddenly fails. A battery isolator is also used to separate the DC bus into seperate branches and will only let current flow in one single direction. This then supports simultaneously charging of multiple batteries from the alternator or different power sources without the need to connect batteries in parallel.

A battery isolator switch can be an automatic function or manual. It can often handle a high amerage of up to 600a. The battery isolator switch enables power between different power sources, with no chance of fire or damage going from one source to he other. It also means you can dissconnect all appliances when not in use. You don't have to pull wires out when your 12v system is not in use, simply choose from a selection of battery isolator switches to protect against your appliances from draining your battery by accident.

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