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Why Do I Need a Pop Top Caravan Cover?

Consider the cost of having your vehicle uncovered and outside in the elements. The wear and tear that would usually happen on your caravan will happen on the cover instead. If you don’t have a shed you can keep your caravan in, a pop top caravan cover is a very affordable way to care for your RV - and is a lot cheaper than the cost of the wear and tear on your unprotected caravan. When you’re looking for the right kind of caravan cover, you need to choose the right size for the vehicle you have. Caravans all come in different lengths, and the width and height are pretty similar between all of the various brands. Caravans are usually measured in feet, and each cover will accept a range of lengths that fall between two feet, for example, the Adco 20 Pop Top Cover will fit a caravan between 18’ and 20’. If your measurement fits between two sizes, then think about things like your spare tyre, your bumpers and your gas bottles. It’s always better to go bigger than it is to go smaller.

Is my pop top caravan cover going to be waterproof?

Yes, the top of your cover is waterproof and the sides of your cover are water resistant, but the stitching isn’t seam sealed and the cover does have to be able to breathe so that mildew and mould don't grow under there. Your caravan cover should never act as a fix for something like a leaky roof, for example. But you can trust that your cover is definitely going to protect your caravan from the elements and that it’ll also block out 99.8% of damaging UV rays as well.

Which pop top caravan cover should I choose?

Only you can decide that - but we can tell you that our Adco caravan covers are made very well and that they have heavier gauge all-over material and reinforcement. The stitching is great on the Adco pop top covers, but then we’re happy to stand behind all of the brands that we sell! You need to know that no caravan cover is going to last forever, since your cover is taking on all of the elements and preventing your RV from getting damaged. All that sunshine, bird droppings, rain, wind and tree sap that could fall on your precious RV will now fall on your pop top caravan cover - so it’s best to choose one that will last for a few years at least. 

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