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Portable camping toilets, depending on your needs come in assorted designs and sizes. They work by providing a comfortable seat to do your business. Whether you are just after a portable camping toilet or a camping toilet that is slightly more permanent, like in a van. Outback Equipment stock only the best and highest quality camping toilets from brands like Thetford Porta Potti, Camec, Fiamma, Companion, Oztrail and Elemental. Camping toilets start from budget items like toilet chairs and toilet buckets, up to more complicated designs that use toilet chemicals that mimic the luxury you will find in a caravan.  

Number 1 vs Number 2

Short answer. Yes. However, it does require toilet chemicals and you will need to locate a dump point more often. This also requires more thorough cleaning, before, during and after the trip. To re-cap, number 1, all day is fine. Number 2, be strategic.  

Dsposing of camping toilet waste: 

Depending on where you are travelling, in Australia, especially in National Parks, it is a legal requirement to bring a portable camping toilet. You will find designated dump points where you are able to safely dispose of the waste by removing the holding tank. You can pick up a portable camping toilet carry bag for most popular models like Camec and Thetford, meaning you do not have to walk around with the holding tank. 

Cleaning a portable camping toilet:  

By using a good quality toilet chemical, you can minimize odour and stains. We also recommend using toilet liners for longer trips. When you get to a dump point, it is a good idea to empty the holding tank, but then also remove the top tank as well. Using the water from the top tank, pouring it into the holding tank, give it a shake and then empty again. This will do half the work for you before getting home where you can simply rinse the inside with a hose before the next trip.  

Cleaning Chemicals: 

Every brand of toilet chemical has different dilutions on the label. However, a little bit more in the bottom tank will make clean up a lot easier as the chemical works to break down solids.  


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