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Outback Equipment stocks Australia's biggest range of throttle controllers, from leading brands including Ultimate 9 / EVC, Throttle Grenade, Torqit, Hulk 4x4 & more -  with fast delivery available nation wide. Read on to learn more about how throttle controllers work, the pros and the cons - then buy online to experience the difference in acceleration a throttle controller can make to your car. With over 2,600 throttle controllers in our range - we've got all makes and models of vehicle covered. 

Electronic throttle controllers allows you to have greater control over your accelerator, letting you drive smoothly and efficiently no matter where you are on the road. When you shop with us at Outback Equipment, you can be assured of a quality product range from trusted manufacturers. We are proud to bring electronic throttle controllers to you as an option to enhance your off-road and on-road driving experience.

Our throttle controllers range removes the delays in acceleration, letting you drive smoothly and helping you to manoeuvre your vehicle safely even when you’re towing something, or negotiating some tough terrain.

Benefits of an Electronic Throttle Controllers

When you equip your vehicle with an electronic throttle control system, you are giving yourself greater control and allowing for better management of the engine. The settings of your electronic throttle can be adjusted to allow for different driving styles, including sport and city driving. You have a range of curve control features which allows for greater tweaking of the driving style, and with an electronic throttle, you are bound to have better overall vehicle management.

That said, the benefit of your electronic throttle controller is going to go largely unnoticed by many drivers because the actual aim of the electronic throttle is to make the power of your vehicle seamless no matter what kind of conditions you’re in. So in fact, for an electronic throttle controller to be working correctly, you actually won’t notice it much at all - except for the fact that driving is a whole lot smoother.

When you have electronic throttle controller, you can integrate it with features like cruise control, stability control and pre-crash systems.

Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Engine

You might be wondering why you need an electronic throttle controller when you have a manual one that works just fine. And the truth is that when you have an electronic throttle controller on your vehicle, you enjoy vastly decreased maintenance on your vehicle due to the lack of moving parts and the wear needed for operation.

Electronic throttle controllers also add many safety features to your vehicle. In a mechanical throttle situation, the driver is manually managing the accelerator. When you have an electronic throttle, the main electronic throttle controller is not just reading input from the accelerator, but is also examining the input from the tyres and the brake, and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that the car is always under control.

Economical Fuel Consumption

With the cost of living creeping higher and higher, it’s vital that we save on unnecessary expenses wherever possible. An electronic throttle controller allows you to save on petrol by ensuring an economical driving experience always. You also get a smoother driving experience overall which is key when you’re looking for a safe four wheel driving outing.

Make sure that your next off-roading adventure is as safe as can be when you invest in an electronic throttle controller to manage your vehicle. At Outback Equipment, we pride ourselves on supplying only the very best in four wheel driving and off-roading accessories, and the electronic throttle controller is no different.

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