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Keep your caravan awning still and stable no matter what the winds doing with a quality anti flap kit from Outback Equipment. We only stock Australia's best anti flap kit brands including Aussie Traveller, Carefree and more - all at great prices. Shop our range of anti flap kits below for fast delivery anywhere in Australia.

What Does an Anti-Flap Kit Do?

Eliminate the nuisance of a flapping material in windy situations with an Anti-Flap Kit (AFK). These kits secure the sides of your awning, preventing it from flapping around. They not only reduce noise but also protect your awning from wind damage, ensuring it stays in excellent condition for all your adventures.

At Outback Equipment, we aim to make your caravan setup as enjoyable as your holiday. Our selection of Anti-Flap Kits is designed to fit various caravan awning types and sizes, enhancing the lifespan of your awning and making your camping experience easy. Whether you're facing coastal gusts or setting up a peaceful retreat in the bush, our AFK range is the reliable support your awning needs. Keep your awning stable and stylish with our kits, so you can focus on enjoying the great outdoors.

We stock Australia's top anti-flap kit brands, including Aussie Traveller, Supa Peg, and more, all at competitive prices. Prevent your awning from hanging loose or sagging. Shop our range of anti-flap kits and curved roof rafters for fast delivery across Australia.

How Do I Know What Size Anti-Flap Kit I Need?

Choosing the right size Anti-Flap Kit (AFK) for your awning is straightforward. Start by measuring the length of your awning from the caravan to the cassette/long edge bar. This measurement will determine the coverage your AFK needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions about sizing.

How Do You Fit an Anti-Flap Kit to a Caravan Awning?

Although all brands have their slight differences, installing an Anti-Flap Kit (AFK) to your caravan is all about ensuring a secure connection. First, fully extend your awning. Next, position the AFK along the edges of the awning, where it will clamp down securely on the fabric. The adjustable clamps ensure a perfect fit, preventing any wind-induced issues. Once the supports are secured, your awning will be ready to handle breezy conditions with ease. If you need assistance, the team at Outback Equipment is always ready to help you set up smoothly.