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Travelling with a Spare Tyre

Outback Equipment stocks a quality selection of spare wheel covers for your trailer or caravan. Just like any sensible four wheel driver or caravanner, you will undoubtedly have a spare wheel attached to the rear of your vehicle, and rightfully so. Firstly everyone needs a spare tyre and, depending on your vehicle, if you tend to drive long distances for leisure or work, or go off-roading extensively, then a spare wheel is an invaluable addition to your car’s accessories.

Secondly, the spare wheel is best stored on the exterior of these vehicles as they have been designed to cater to these aesthetics. Lastly, but most importantly, storing a spare wheel on the outside of your vehicle also frees up storage space from the inside of the car.

Because your spare tyre cannot enjoy the luxury of a boot sheltering it from the elements, a spare wheel cover is the best way to safeguard this important component of your vehicle.

Spare Wheel Cover Features

Wheels are expensive and should be looked after accordingly. Your spare wheel will be no good to you if it’s damaged or weathered, which is why a spare wheel cover is an ideal solution for protecting your spare wheel when it sits on the outside and in a more exposed position of your car.

From Australian brand, Cargo Mate, we supply spare wheel covers for recreational vehicles, and 4x4s. They come in a variety of sizes with the 4x4 spare wheel covers ranging from 29 inches to 33 inches in diameter. Our caravan spare wheel cover options include a 13 inch sized cover and a 14 inch sized cover.

Be sure to get the correct measurements so your new cover will appropriately wrap around your spare wheel and offer thorough protection. To prevent sagging and ill-fitting, these covers are constructed from soft but strong vinyl material and feature an elastic band for a secure fit. The double needled seam construction offers extra durability while the cord tacked inside the hem provides added security for a nice, taut fit.

Why does a spare wheel need protection?

Your spare wheel needs to be protected from constant UV exposure and general dirt that attaches itself to your car. While tyres are fairly durable components on a car, they can still be affected by prolonged exposure to the elements. This is particularly in relation to your spare wheel, which is obviously more exposed than the tyres in use on your vehicle.

Ideally tyres, including your spare, should be rotated to evenly distribute the wear. A tyre that remains in storage for too long without being used will lose its suppleness, can begin to crack, and ultimately fail when finally put to use, which defeats the purpose of a spare. The compromised structural integrity of a cracked tyre may also result in dangerously losing control of your vehicle if a blowout is to occur while driving. Therefore in addition to shielding your tyre from the elements, consider rotating your spare to maintain its hardy, rubbery nature.

The inexpensive and safe solution for your tyres

A cheap investment in a simple spare wheel cover is a good idea for keeping your tyre protected from UV rays and grime, especially if it isn’t being regularly rotated. Australia has some of the most unforgiving UV levels in the world; this combined with our dusty environment can ultimately affect the condition of your spare tyre.

Known for their experience with quality cargo accessories, a Cargo Mate branded spare wheel cover is a straightforward and inexpensive protective solution. Block out the harsh Australian elements and preserve the quality and safety of your tyre with a spare wheel cover.