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Led Light Bars

Off road driving is an exciting activity and can really fill you up with adrenaline, but it can be extremely dangerous. The rough terrain is home to many hazards, and it can be difficult to see them if you come unprepared. When night falls, the risks become higher, as well.

Conquering the wilderness may be your goal, but you should stay smart about it. At Outback Equipment, we have a range of LED light bars for sale that are suited for off road driving. Our LED light bar 4WD options provide ample light when travelling through the wilds and outdoors.

We are often asked what the best kind of LED light bar options are, and while it’s ultimately up to you and your preferences, we wanted to shed some light (so to speak) on the different types of light bars that we have and what each is best suited to. Whether you need a LED light bar 4X4 option or just want the best LED light bars Australia has to offer, we can help.

Spot Lights, Flood Lights or Combo Lights?

There are a range of different combinations and beam patterns that you can opt for with your LED light bar, and we’ll look at some of these in more detail below.

LED Light Bar Spot Light

These kinds of lights only have a narrow beam spread of thirty degrees. That means that if you’re after a task-specific light, this is perfect. You might also want a beam that’s going to be focused on a section of the trail ahead at night, or you might want a light that’s effective when you’re travelling at high speeds.

Our range of spot lights is perfect for getting outdoors. 

LED Light Bar Flood Lights

Flood lights have a wider beam pattern – sixty degrees for these lights. When you want to bring light to a certain area like a worksite or camp site, your flood lights are going to be the perfect option.

LED Light Bar Combo Lights

If you want a LED light bar that is going to work in a wide range of applications, you need to opt for a light bar combo. You will enjoy a mixture of spot beam pattern LEDs and flood beam pattern LEDs within one light. The only downside to this is that you are splitting up the beams, and so neither the spot nor the flood lights are going to be quite as bright as a pure spot light or flood light.

Which to Choose?

Picking the right lighting for your vehicle will depend largely on your budget and the positions on your vehicle that can hold lights. If you can afford a range of lights, it’s best for visibility to have a dedicated spot light partnered with a dedicated flood light.

You might have a spot light bar on your bumper which you’ll use for road and/or trail visibility. Then you might have a couple of LED flood lights on the lower corners of the windscreen, or perhaps a 40-plus inch LED light bar mounted on the top of your windscreen.

How to Choose Where to Mount Your LED Light Bar

There is a range of factors that will come into where you should mount your new LED light bar: your budget, your intended use, and of course your personal preference. Some locations are easier to mount and wire in than others, but we’ll look at some of them below.

Front Bumper

This is the easiest spot to put your LED light bar because there are usually already mounting holes in the front bumper, so no need to purchase additional mounting gear. Even if there aren’t holes there, drilling into your bumper is an easy job.

Because your bumper is pretty flexible, it’s simple for you to mount almost any kind of lights on there. You might want to put a 32-inch Led light bar or two 12-inch light bars on there.

The only problem with mounting lights onto the bumper is that the light is all going to be coming from the same direction as your car’s headlights. That’s not a huge detractor – you just won’t get the benefit of having multiple lighting angles.

Lower Windshield Pillar

Many people opt to mount LED light bar pods onto this spot because you can get a great range of angled lighting from a different vantage point. This increases the overall visibility of your lighting.

You may need some special mounting hardware depending on the option that you choose, and you will also need to do some drilling – but you can plug the drill hole (if you ever decide to remove your lights) with a plug from an automotive store.

Above the Windscreen

If you’re looking for the best light angle as compared to the headlights, you will enjoy that with a windscreen mount. You can use a huge LED light bar here (like a 41.5-inch light bar) as well, which will give you the highest lumens out of any other location.

Combination Mounts

We never said you have only to pick one location! Why not combine these locations and get the best from your setup?