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What is an annex on a caravan?

A caravan annex can be described as many things. Some grey nomads refer to their caravan awnings as a caravan annex, but we like to ensure people know exactly what a caravan annex is and how to purchase the right one for you. We stock a huge range of caravan annexes, privacy walls, anti flap kits and spare rooms to make your caravan as homey as possible. The traditional meaning of a caravan annex is simply an extended spare section that is seperate to the caravan, it can essentially double the living space by utilising the outdoors as a living room. These are great in all types of weather but really does make travelling in winter or the dead of summer much more bareable when you start to go a little stir crazy. 

How much does a caravan annex cost?

Caravan annexes do provide a nice private area to enjoy dinner with the family, so it depends on what kind of space you want to create. For the simplest caravan walls you can attach awning privacy screens or side walls for a basic screen between the neighbours. These universal end walls are a great start as they can be used on any side or front of the awning. The next level up would be a privacy room annex which folds down from the awning and encloses into a water tight room. The top of the line made to order annexes by Aussie traveller provide premium privacy and weather proof spaces. They come complete with insect windows, zip up doorways and sturdy designed floors and walls. 

How to attach an annex to a caravan:

The caravan annex is a seperate accessory that is stored in compartments whilst travelling so it will require time to attach to the caravan and it's awning. It uses the awning as a roof and frame with anchor points and will then slide into the barrels of the sliding track on the awning. Generally there is more sail tracks pre-installed on the walls of a caravan for these privacy rooms. They are best installed with the addition of an anti-flap kit for the most ridged and waterproof set up. Anti-flap kits are available aftermarket for quick and easy installation of your sunscreen sidewall. All awnings on the market, including box and roll out awnings from various companies, can be utilised with these. Anti Flap Kits from Aussie Traveller come in a variety of sizes and adapters to fit any awning. They are simple to instal and provide stability for your awning, preventing fabric straining and allowing you to attach side screens with a ready-to-go sail track. Simply clip on your Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit, secure it in place with the appropriate fittings, then slide your sunscreen in. 

Caravan Annexes: Add a Room to Suit Your Needs 

Some people love the natural light and comfort of a sunroom. Others are simply looking for a little more privacy. Whatever your needs, there’s a caravan annex to suit on our website. We also understand that sleeping outside can sometimes be just as comfortable as sleeping inside, dozing off to the sounds of a campfire crackling. The great outdoors is just too good to enjoy from inside a caravan. Caravan annexes are a great way to enjoy the cool night air or the gentle morning breeze in comfort.  

Caravan Spare Rooms 

There are few things more valuable on a caravan trip than a spare room. If you’re out with the kids, a spare room can give them a place to set up and play games on quiet/rainy days. If it’s just you grown-ups, you’ll have the space to set up a dining room or changeroom. With four extra walls, the options are limitless. Especially when you get caught up in the rain for a few days, the extra space will prevent the onset of ‘cabin fever’. Stretch out in style and make the most of the ‘glamping’ trend by really catering for guests in a spare room that stretches up to 4 square metres with products from Fiamma. 

Caravan Sunrooms 

On cool winter mornings or hot summer afternoons, caravan sunrooms can be a lifesaver. The added shade and refreshing breeze in the summer will offer some much-needed respite from the sun. And in winter, the early morning sun illuminating your sunroom will help add a little warmth and comfort. Together, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you brought along a sunroom from Oztrail. With the option of fly netted windows, enjoy your holiday – minus the mozzie bites.   

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