Caravan Annexes & Privacy Rooms

Make your caravan roomier than most hotel rooms with the help of a caravan annex from Outback Equipment. We’ve got a massive range of spare rooms and caravan annexes for sale, so there’s always something to suit your caravan.

Check out the range of caravan spare rooms below and order yours today.


Caravan Annexes: Add a Room to Suit Your Needs

Some people love the natural light and comfort of a sunroom. Others are simply looking for a little more privacy. Whatever your needs, there’s a caravan annex to suit on our website.

Caravan Spare Rooms

There are few things more valuable on a caravan trip than a spare room. If you’re out with the kids, a spare room can give them a place to set up and play games on quiet/rainy days. If it’s just you grown-ups, you’ll have the space to set up a dining room or changeroom. With four extra walls, the options are limitless.

Caravan Sunrooms

On cool winter mornings or hot summer afternoons, caravan sunrooms can be a lifesaver. The added shade and refreshing breeze in the summer will offer some much-needed respite from the sun. And in winter, the early morning sun illuminating your sunroom will help add a little warmth and comfort. Together, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you brought along a sunroom.


Why Buy Your Caravan Annex from Outback Equipment?

All the Top Caravan Brands

We only stock brands and product we trust first-hand. If it’s not up to Australian temperatures and conditions, you won’t find it at Outback Equipment.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re based in the south of Brisbane but spend every free moment we get exploring this great nation. We don’t just sell outdoor gear and wish you the best – we can offer expert advice on what you’ll need on your next trip.

Caravan Annexes Delivered Direct to Your Door

Who has the time to spend their weekends shopping for equipment? With Outback, you can order any bits and pieces through our website and have them shipped to your door.

Weekends should be spent enjoying your caravan, not shopping for it.

Plenty of Payment Options

How ever you prefer to pay, there’s a good chance it’s supported on the Outback website. We accept payment via:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Caravan Annexes & Privacy Rooms Today

Add some luxury and convenience to your next caravan holiday with our range of caravan annexes and privacy rooms. Check out the range below, and order yours today.

$149.00 $146.99

SKU: 400-04510

Camper Bed End Garage For Jayco Outback Model 4.5m x 1.65m

$1,114.30 $869.99

SKU: 150-05014

Coast Kirra Annex Awning And Inner Tent Kit Set

$1,092.60 $1,040.00

SKU: 150-06002

Orbit® Air Astro Annexe 325 High Profile

$1,092.60 $1,040.00

SKU: 150-06000

Orbit® Air Astro Annexe 325 Low Profile

$564.30 $550.00

SKU: 150-06008

Orbit® Air Capsule Annex Extension Room

$1,596.38 $1,480.00

SKU: 150-06006

Orbit® Air Comet Annexe 325 High

$1,596.38 $1,480.00

SKU: 150-06004

Orbit® Air Comet Annexe 325 Low Profile

$99.95 $82.99


Oztrail Commune Attachment Panel (Camper/Cabin)

$1,199.95 $1,079.96


Oztrail Sunroom & Floor Kit To Suit O/R Quest