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Spotlights for the Work Site

Whether you’re a serious off-roader or you just know the value of having a great set of LED spotlights attached to the front of your wagon, you’ll love our great range of 4X4 spotlights.

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see the road or track ahead at night, especially if you’re stuck and are looking to get yourself out of a tight spot. We all know the value and importance of having a quality set of spotlights on your vehicle, and we stock a full range of some of the best for you to enjoy.

Strong LED spotlights are vital when you’re travelling off the road – and even when you’re travelling on sealed roads, it’s always helpful to have more light!

For the best 4X4 spotlights and car spotlights, we’ve got you covered.

4WD Spotlights & LED Bars for Off-Roading

It’s almost a given that you’re going to want extra 4X4 spotlights on your vehicle if you’re into off-roading. While the vehicle manufacturer puts sufficient headlights onto your vehicle to travel around town, the standard setup on your four wheel drive will show some weaknesses when you start to push things a little more!

Light up the track ahead with our range of headlights to suit a wide array of applications and needs.

Work Spotlights

We stock a range of spotlights that you can mount anywhere on your vehicle for strong, focused light where you need it the most.

Spotlights aren’t just for visibility on the road, after all. Many of our customers purchase spotlights because they need greater visibility on the tray of their ute or for works that they are doing. So don’t struggle with a flashlight; get a set of LED spotlights and mount them right where you need them most.

Choosing Your LED Spotlights

The first thing you need to do is to choose what kind of spotlight beam you want for your vehicle. You can choose between narrow-beamed spotlights which are the ideal driving light as they give brightness out over a long distance, and wide-beamed spotlights which are great for spreading light over a larger area. These are also great to use for work.

You do need to think about what kind of light you want, but nowadays we would recommend LED headlights for pretty much everyone. While we do stock a range of halogen bulbs, the LED light is more reliable and uses less energy than traditional bulbs. 

Mounting Your Spotlights

When you are choosing to mount your spotlights, you have a lot of options. If you are using them as your driving lights, you’ll be most likely looking to fit them to your bumper, bulbar or even the roof of the cab on your vehicle.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a really solid space to mount them to. Any kind of vibration that comes through the lights will be incredibly obvious and may also get annoying pretty quickly.

If you are mounting your headlights as working lights, you have options like the rear corner of the cab of your ute or above the doors on a 4WD wagon. You can also make the lights swivel if you have enough know-how so that you can turn the light to suit your work needs.

Just make sure you know exactly where you want the lights to go, and don’t drill until you’re 100% sure that you want the lights where you’re putting them.

Spotlights are great to have on your vehicle, and as soon as you buy them, you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you didn’t buy them sooner. We are sure you’ll find something that suits your needs here.