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Water storage on the open road is always something that you need to think about, especially if you’re getting out and taking longer trips, or travelling to reach ever more remote destinations. You want to make sure that the water tank you are using is made from quality materials and is durable enough to go with you wherever you want. We only stock the highest quality caravan water tanks at Outback Equipment so you can rest assured that water will always be with you on the road.

Our range of caravan water tanks – including grey water tank and fresh water tank options – will ensure that you’re never without a fresh supply of cool, clear water for your caravan.


Camper Water Tank

Give yourself greater freedom and access to fresh water no matter where you are on the road with a range of caravan water tanks from Outback Equipment. We have a range of water tanks ranging from 43 litres through to 127 litres and can give you guidance and advice on how to fit the tank to your caravan. With a range of quality brands on offer, you can be assured of finding the caravan water tank for your needs.


Caravan Grey Water Tank

Not every caravan comes with a grey water tank, and so it’s often necessary to fit grey water tanks for caravans to ensure that you’re abiding by various local laws and environmental rules.

In case you’re a bit hazy on the definition of grey water, it is any kind of domestic wastewater (except for sewerage). Sewerage is known as black water.

Many national parks and state governments require your vehicle to be completely self-contained which means that you cannot have any grey water from your van going out into the grass or bush at all. To meet these requirements, you will need to ensure that you have a grey water tank fitted to your caravan. In addition to helping you meet relevant requirements, a grey water tank just makes life that much more convenient. You don’t need to worry about where the water is draining – it just collects in the tank ready for you to dump it at a drop off point.

A caravan waste water tank is a great option to make sure that you are ready to hit the open road whenever you like. Explore our range online and discover the perfect solution for your caravan, RV or camper.


About Outback Equipment

We are proud to provide a range of hard-wearing and quality equipment that is designed to make your life easier. Take a look at our range of quality outdoor equipment and discover the perfect outdoor solution for your caravan or camper. When you choose us for your caravan water tanks, you can be assured of a durable, quality product that is designed to withstand the toughest of Aussie conditions.

Explore our range online, or speak to our team about your RV water tank needs on 1300 854 185 today.

$199.00 $189.99

SKU: 050595_050607_050608

110 Litre Fresh Water Tank with Fittings and Bracket

$189.00 $179.99

SKU: 050595_050606_050608

110 Litre Grey Water Tank with Fittings and Bracket

$19.99 $12.99


3 Pin Sender Extension Lead 1.4m

$24.99 $17.99


3 Pin Sender Extension Lead 3m


SKU: 200003X2

50 Litre Water Or Grey Water Tanks X2


SKU: 200003X2-Bracketkit

50 Litre Water Or Grey Water Tanks X2 plus Brackets

$99.99 $58.95

SKU: 2000015

54 Litre Caravan & RV Water Tank


SKU: 2000015_X2

54 Litre Caravan & RV Water Tank - Pair


SKU: 2000015_X2-Bracketkit

54 Litre Caravan & RV Water Tank - Pair plus Brackets


SKU: 2000015-Bracketkit

54 Litre Caravan & RV Water Tank plus Brackets

$149.00 $145.00

SKU: 050593_050605

95 Litre Fresh Water Tank with Fittings

$139.00 $129.99

SKU: 050593_050604

95 Litre Grey Water Tank with Fittings


SKU: 006089-A

Alko 52 Litre Water Tank


SKU: 042893-A

Assure Odour Eliminator Mountain Breeze 946ml


SKU: 006079-A

Camec Tank Barb Outlet Drilled


SKU: 006080-A

Camec Tank Barb Plug Undrilled


SKU: 044764

Camec Water Heater Sensor #21


SKU: 042647-A

Director 25mm Barb x 3/4in Male BSP


SKU: 006087-A

Drain Cap For Camec MK2 55 Litre Water Tank

$39.99 $27.99


Explore Inline Water Filter - Nano Silver


SKU: 040602-A

Fiamma Roll-Tank 23 Litre Waste Water


SKU: 040897-A

Fiamma Roll-Tank 40 Litre Outlet


SKU: 850-02600_002178-A

Fiamma Roll-Tank 40 Litre Waste Water

$179.99 $155.00

SKU: 006110_800-01590

Fiamma Water Tank 70ltr W/ Fittings

$129.00 $120.95


H2F-FM RV Water Tank Gauge

$95.00 $86.99


H2F-SM RV Water Tank Gauge

$187.00 $149.99

SKU: 006144-A

Jrv Fresh Grey/Bl Water Monitor