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Types of Toilets For Caravans

Waste doesn’t have to stink up your trip. We have a huge range of different types of portable toilets and offer all the essential parts you need. If you’re not sure which one suits your unique needs, ask our friendly team for some expert insight.

1. Portable Toilets

Restrooms can be sparse along the best roads in Oz. That’s where a handy portable toilet can save the day. Easy to set up, use and clean, our range of portable camping toilets are a reliable addition to your trip. Featuring level indicators, vents and large capacities, they’re designed for long-term use. From Thetford’s Porta Potti to Camec’s range of portable toilets, you can find a reliable product for your journey.

2. Cassette Caravan Toilets

For vans and RVs with the space for cassettes, a cassette toilet system is an ideal waste solution. Find the right toilet shell to fit into your bathroom, then lock in a cassette underneath. Our range of cassettes are engineered to be installed and handled easily. This makes them easy to carry and connect to dump stations.

3. Self-Contained Caravan Toilets

When you don’t have a waste tank or water source to use, self-contained toilets provide all the services you need. Different to a portable toilet, they’re secured in your vehicle and release waste from pipes under your vehicle. Pumps and filters handle the dirty work – all you have to do is unload it at a dumping station when it’s full.

Caravan Toilet Parts

Keeping your toilet running correctly on a long trip is a necessity. To help keep yours functioning, our range features all the caravan toilet parts you need. From valves and caps to toilet seats and lids, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for something else? We stock a huge range of caravan accessories - check out the range now. 

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