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Some of our models, like the Thetford Spinflo 3-burner model, are designed to be as much like home as possible. You will enjoy features like a flame failure (which means that if the flame goes out, the gas will stop flowing), and detachable and easy to clean pan stands. Other models like the Lido Junior 2-burner don’t have the flame failure feature and, thus, aren’t suitable for use inside your RV or caravan. But no matter what you’re after, you’ll find it with us. 

As we mentioned above, most of our camper cooktops are designed to be used indoors and mounted within your vehicle for easy, weatherproof use. So, you can cook up a tasty meal in the comfort of your RV even while a wild storm rages outside! How good is that? 

How to Make Sure Your Caravan is Safe

There are plenty of guidelines available to let you know how to install your portable cooktop - but we have a short guide here for you as well to make sure. You must be aware that in order to comply with regulations about gas-fitting in caravans and RVs, you must have a gas fitter run all the pipework and junctions, or at the very least to have access to your DIY plans in order to ensure that AS-5601 (Australian Standard Gas Installation Standards) are being met. 

Who can do my gas installation?

If you are designing or building an RV from scratch and you’re buying your cooktop for your new build, then a licensed plumber who is also a certified gas fitter will be needed to install, manage and potentially relocate your gas appliances as well as for managing any kind of pipework that’s being done. 

Where does my gas cylinder go?  

Many of you will already know that a gas cylinder can’t be installed inside your RV, caravan, motorhome or camper trailer. You must ensure that your gas bottle is installed in a compartment that is sealed from the outside and vented properly. You also need to make sure that a reflective LP Gas Storage sticker is on the outside of the compartment. 

Are there restrictions on which gas appliances can be used and where?

The range of caravan cooktops that we sell are almost all suited for indoor use - but you do need to check with the model that you choose. In terms of using portable cooktops and ovens, it is important to know that they are not to be used inside a motorhome or RV. They need to be well vented in an OUTSIDE area and are not an alternative to approved gas appliances specifically designed for use inside a motorhome. Using these products inside is dangerous and will potentially void warranty and motorhome insurance in the event of a fire.  

How much gas will I use? 

This varies, but it’s always best to make sure that you have plenty of gas when you’re out on the road. You probably won’t be using all your gas burners at the same time, so you know that you won’t have too many problems cooking for an extended period. For more information about how to store and vent gas bottles inside your motorhome check out the category section on vents and hatches. Otherwise, you can see how to store gas bottles and cylinders to the outside of your RV or caravan by using the correct mounts or cradles as seen here.  

Plenty of other cooking options:

You don't have to limit yourself to having to cook and wash up 3 times a day which we all know can be time consuming and a bit of an effort when travelling in small spaces. If you're feeling lazy, we also stock the incredibly popular 12v Travel Buddy oven or Roadchef ovens and low power drawing caravan microwaves from Camec and Sphere. We couldn't recommend the 12 volt Travel Buddy enough and so do our customers. Check out our huge range of 12v ovens below and see what's right for you. We even stock a wide range of outdoor camping BBQ's grills from Front Runner and Coast. The Front Runner portable grill doesn't just look great mounted on the rear wheel, it's provides a quick and hassle free portable grill you can simply throw over the camp fire. 

Caravan Rangehoods

If the 12v fan isn't quite doing the trick with keeping the smoke from cooking out of your motorhome or caravan then installing a rangehood in your RV might be the perfect solution. We stock the best products from Camec, Dometic and Sphere to keep dinner time smoke and hassle free. It also aids with the ventilation of gas appliances, so if you plan on using any gas appliances inside, it doesn't hurt to be safe. A caravan rangehood will make your road trip feel like home with the ease of turning the lights and fan on whenever you start cooking. The low power draw ensures it won't affect your battery life too much, so grab one today or give us a call if you are unsure which one is right for you. 

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