Caravan Annexe Matting & Flooring

Searching for a nice, comfortable floor to place down in your caravan annexe? Our range of quality caravan annexe flooring is the perfect comfort solution for your next trip. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller with all the kit or you’re just starting to gather your camping and caravanning arsenal, you can rely on the quality from Outback Equipment. We offer durable caravan annexe matting to make your next campsite a comfortable home away from home.

Check out our range of annexe flooring to find the sizes that suit you best. And our caravan annexe flooring isn’t just for use on the road – these floor annexe matting options are perfect for your outdoor spaces or around the home.


Benefits of Caravan Annexe Matting

There’s a lot to love about these little beauties. All of our caravan annexe matting can provide you with:

  • The homely touch – With a range of annexe floor matting to choose from in a variety of thicknesses, colours and textures, you’ll easily find the perfect one for you.
  • Extra safety – Our waterproof matting range is lightweight, easy to clean and non-slip which means you’ll be safe as you move around your campsite.
  • Easy storage – Annexe flooring and annex matting is as durable as you could imagine, yet flexible enough to fold into its own carry bag. So when it’s done keeping you safe, you can keep it safe between campsites.

The list goes on and on – but the short of it is that your campsite could definitely benefit from annexe flooring.


Types of Caravan Annexe Matting

Depending on where you’re headed, the surface you’re camping on and the sunlight you can expect, the best caravan matting material will vary. Thankfully, we’ve got the lot – so you can find the right mat for your next trip.

Meshed Annexe Matting

Mesh flooring is just about one of the most sensible ideas humanity ever came up with. The soft material has been weaved tightly enough to prevent stones, insects, dirt or dust to seep through from underneath. However, there’s enough of a gap between each weave to keep airflow to the grass, so you don’t damage it. And if you do happen to take on a bit of rain, it’ll find its way straight through to the grass. Particularly if you’re setting up on a wide and grassy plain or in a caravan park, a meshed annex mat can be the best way to go.

Multi-Purpose Floor Mats

In the roughest and toughest parts of the country, you need a little extra comfort. The foamed PVC construction makes these mats durable, non-slip and comfortable to walk on barefoot, even on uneven surfaces. And as an added bonus, the meshy structure will still keep any grass underneath as happy as Larry.


With a choice of sizes, durability and FREE standard shipping to most of Australia, you’re sure to find what you’re after here. So go on, take a look – and if you have any questions, just call 1300 854 185 to speak to a friendly team member.

$125.00 $113.99

SKU: 044091-A

Camec Annex Matting 5.0m X 2.5m Grey

$69.95 $52.99

SKU: 200-08650

Coast Premium Multi Purpose Floor Matting Blue - 3m x 2.5m

$129.95 $109.99

SKU: 200-08656

Coast Premium Multi Purpose Floor Matting Blue - 6m x 2.5m

$420.00 $312.99

SKU: 200-08460

Enduromat Black Annex Matting 7m X 2.45m.

$105.00 $86.99

SKU: 044090-A

Camec Annex Matting 4.5m X 2.5m Grey

$145.00 $128.99

SKU: 044092-A

Camec Annex Matting 6.0m X 2.5m Grey

$165.00 $148.99

SKU: 044093-A

Camec Annex Matting 7.0m X 2.5m Grey