Terms & Conditions: 

1. In order to earn rewards points, you must complete the associated actions on or off site. Points are to be rewarded after November 7th 2022 as this was the launch date of the program. Purchases prior to this date are not eligible for rewards. 

2. Refer a Friend rewards are for eligible & genuine referrals, you will not be rewarded with points or discounts if you attempt to refer yourself & if found, all points & rewards will be deactivated in your account and you will lose your progress while not being eligible for future rewards. 

3. Point earning actions are clear & only eligible for described actions, you cannot earn rewards by purchasing from one of our affiliates, partners or marketplaces. 

4. You may be eligible to earn rewards for in store purchases at the discression of the staff & on the condition you have created a rewards account 24 hours prior to your in store purchase. 

5. Outback Rewards Points are non transferrable & are not exchangable for cash, store credit or anything else outside of the dictated rewards. 

6. The Outback Rewards Club - is Outback Equipment's loyalty membership & rewards program which is free of charge to customers of the online store in order to receive promoted benefits as listed under the rewards section of the program. 

7. Member - is an individual customer with an active account on the Outback Equipment website & who is signed up for the program. 

8. Voucher - is a digitally given discount code which entitles the receiver to a dictated dollar value off their next order on the Outback Equipment website. This is not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 

9. Upon joining the Outback Rewards Club, you agree to these terms & conditions. 

10. Outback Equipment reserves the right, without notice, to make changes to the operation & terms & conditions of the Outback Rewards Club, and to cancel any individuals membership at anytime. It is the Member's responsibility to check the website for changes. 

11. Outback Equipment will not be held liable for any delays, disruptions, omissions or errors in the operation of the Outback Rewards Club program nor any associated loss or damage. 

12. An email address & website account is required when joining the Outback Rewards Club to receive an online membership profile on the Outback Equipment website. This allows the members to receive offers when ordering online and maintain their details. It also allows members to receive rewards & notifications via email. 

13. Customers can have their account removed from the Outback Rewards Club at any time by contacting Outback Equipment Customer Service on 1300 854 185 or via service@outbackequipment.com.au

14. The Outback Rewards Club is not available for employees of Outback Equipment Pty Ltd or any of its associated companies or subsidiaries. 

15. It is the member's responsibility to ensure their details are up to date in the program & their online profile. Outback Equipment will not be held responsible for sending any correspondance to the incorrect email address. 

16. Outback Rewards Club rewards cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts, vouchers or promotion pricing. 

17. If a member processes a refund AFTER using the Outback Rewards Club where a discount has been applied, the refunded amount is for the discount invoice amount only. 

18. If an order is cancelled, refunded or unable to be fulfilled, or if an RMA has been completed on an order, the points associated will be removed from the members account.