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Protect Your Caravan with a Caravan Cover

When you’re taking a break from travelling around the country, it’s important that you’re protecting your caravan and keeping it in perfect condition. Our range of caravan covers are designed with protection in mind and will ensure that your caravan is safe from snow, frost, rain, water, dust and wind. It's a proven fact, that a caravan that spends more time underneath a caravan cover will have a greater resale value when your ready to part ways.

Every Outback Equipment caravan cover has been constructed with thick and durable materials that will keep the elements out, but which will also prevent mould from growing – thanks to the extra-breathable construction. Shop our range of caravan covers and Adco covers today to find the perfect fit or maybe you're looking for other types of covers?  See our full range of camper trailer covers, pop top covers, or motorhome covers

Some of the key benefits of buying Outback Explorer caravan covers:

  • High-performance polypropylene side panels
  • Breathable
  • UV stable – blocks 99.8% of sun’s rays
  • Extra reinforcement on top and bottom of all four corners to reduce wear
  • Straps and buckles to secure in winds
  • Storage bad
  • Air vents to prevent mould and mildew

Camec Caravan Trailer Covers

For exceptional protection against rain, pollutants, sap, bird droppings, dust and weather, you need to choose Camec caravan trailer covers. Manufactured using a composite of three materials, you can be assured of a lightweight and quality product. Camec covers come with a range of benefits including:

  • 100% waterproof in the roof
  • UV stabilised
  • Double stitched and reinforced in the corners
  • Water resistant, soft, breathable panels

How to Choose The Right Caravan Cover

When finding the correct caravan cover for your needs, it’s easy to do! There are 2 main things to consider upon choosing your cover, down below can help you out. The first thing you require when finding a caravan cover you will need, is to measure your camper, caravan or RV. 

To correctly measure your camper, caravan or RV, you will need to:    

  • Measure the length of the trailer. This is important to be done correctly. Failure to do so, can cost you the warranty on the cover 
  • To correctly measure to find the suitable cover, you need to measure the external length of your trailer.  
  • TIP: This does not include the A-Frame or any accessories (gas bottles, bike racks, rear bumper, air con, solar etc.) 

It is important to purchase the right suited cover as choosing the wrong one can not only damage your paint and cause moisture build up, but this can void your warranty and peace of mind. 

Here is a helpful example on how to measure correctly:

How To Measure For a Caravan Cover

The second process within choosing a cover, is deciding which one best suits your needs. All our covers are backed with a minimum 18 month warranty for peace of mind.  We have many different types of caravan covers available for your required use. For example; if you are purchasing a cover to have on a vehicle that is always in direct sunlight, it is best recommend to get a multi-layered and high UV rating cover to withstand the UV we have here in Australia (Camec, Adco & Prestige are the main examples)  

TIP: Covers that are not fully UV protected for the Australian sun and is in constant sunlight, may start to perish/develop UV rot. In which, the warranty will come in handy. However, if you are looking for a general purpose cover for storage in a shed/carport, you can steer in the direction of a single/double layered ply cover. (Outback Explorer would be a good example) 

Are caravan covers worth it? 

Caravan covers do a great job of protecting your pride and joy from the elements, they are worth it not only for the vehicle but your peace of mind. They are renowned to protect your vehicle from rain, dirt, tree sap and UV fading. 

How do you correctly put the cover on? 

The most effective way to put on your cover is simple & easy. You will require a step ladder and a helper to help put the cover on the roofing. Simply, lay the cover out open , fold in the sides to make a ‘sausage’ like shape. Then stand on the ladder and push the cover on the roof, having a helper to guide this on can be much easier too!  When the ‘sausage’ is covering the whole length, stand on the ladder and unwrap one side (back then front). Then do the same to the other side.  When the cover is on, make sure the cover is centre and then tie/buckle it down. 

TIP: You want the cover to be firm enough to limit excess fabric movement, but not over tight as this may cause the fabric to tear. 

We do find the easiest way is to start with your cover rolled up and placed on top of your RV (a step ladder will be required for most caravans, pop tops and especially motor homes).Simply, unroll your cover along the length of the roof. Then roll your front back and see panels last. Unroll your straps and buckles and connect to the opposite sides of your cover all round and secure firmly to prevent flapping of your cover.

Are your caravan covers waterproof? 

Most caravan covers are not waterproof. They do come with a form of water resistance, more so on the roof to protect your roof top accessories. This will help ensure the moisture levels are controlled and will inhibit mould, mildew and other forms of bacteria that could damage the vans exterior. 

While caravan covers aren’t absolutely necessary, they are highly recommended. They are an affordable way of adding extra protection to your caravan and will protect your van from everyday things that we sometimes forget would cause damage (dirt and dust that would cause scratching and UV rays that can damage/fade your rubbers and plastics on your vehicle) 

Why shop with Outback Equipment? 

  • We’re Australian owned and operated – We’re based right here in the south of Brisbane. If you ever need help with an order or a product, you can call straight through to our friendly local team. 

  • Plenty of payment options – You can pay via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, zipMoney, Afterpay, and direct deposit – whichever is most convenient for you. 

  • Delivered to your door – You don’t have to worry about darting across town to grab your order. We deliver your goods straight to your door to save you time and energy. 

  • We only stock the very best caravan accessories.

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