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No matter where you need something kept cool, Outback Equipment has something to suit. Our range of domestic fridges, camping coolers and camping fridges for sale can meet your every need.

Check out our range of camping fridges below, and order yours today.


A Complete Range of Fridges for Sale

Around the house or around the country, we’ve got a fridge to suit your needs.

Camping Fridge Freezers

There’s nothing better than a cooked breakfast in the morning or a frosty beer in the afternoon on your next camping trip. But to achieve both, you’re going to need some cold. And the best way to do that is one of Outback Equipment’s camping fridges. Designed to be tough, light, powerful and spacious, each of our camping fridges will add some luxury and comfort to your next journey.

And if you need a little extra cold, why not bring along a camping fridge/freezer? The extra freezer component can chill a drink that little bit faster or help keep frozen meals ready on those long trips.

Camping Fridge Accessories & Parts

From stands to fridge braces, there are plenty of accessories in our range that make camping more enjoyable. On the open road, braces will stop the contents of your fridge from bouncing around like a cat on a hot tin roof.

All our gear is tried and tested in Australian conditions, so you can trust it’ll be durable enough to last and tough enough to stay cold in our temperatures.

Domestic Fridges & Freezers

As much as we’re all for camping and the outdoors, we also apply that knowledge to domestic fridges and freezers. If you need a tough, durable and spacious fridge for the kitchen or bar, we’ve got the range to suit.


Why Buy Your Home or Camping Fridge from Outback Equipment?

All the Best Brands

We don’t just stock any old camping fridges – we stock the best brands and best gear. If it’s in our range, you can trust it’ll last on Australian roads, in Australian temperatures.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re based in the south of Brisbane, right on the footstep of some of Australia’s best off-road adventure spots. If we’re not in store, we’re out enjoying this amazing land.

Fridges Delivered to Your Door

There’s nothing worse than having to pick up a fridge, tie it up, and move it around. With Outback Equipment, all you need to do is order online. We’ll then take care of the heavy lifting and ship your purchases straight to your door.

Plenty of Payment Options

You can pay now or later – whatever keeps your cool. On the Outback website, we support payment via:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Camping Fridge Today

Keep your food and drinks cold with our range of domestic and camping fridges and freezers. Check out the range below, and order yours today!


SKU: 400-00690

Camco Fridge Brace 2 Pack. 44033

$24.87 $20.99

SKU: 400-00694

Camco Refrigerator Bar White 3 Per Pack. 44053

$899.00 $720.00

SKU: 044507-A

Camec 55 Litre Fridge/Freezer


SKU: 042670-A

Camec Fridge Bubble Bulls Eye Level

$1,649.00 $1,599.00

SKU: RM2356

Dometic 95 L Fridge Freezer with Universal Energy Selection



Dometic Coolfreeze CF18 Insulated Cover

$49.95 $33.99


Dometic Coolfreeze Fridge Stand


SKU: 300-00900

Dometic CoolFreeze Portable Fridge Stand

$299.00 $259.99


Dometic TCX 21 - Portable Thermoelectric Cooler

$1,849.00 $1,799.99

SKU: 003217-A

Engel Mt60fc 60l Combi Fr/Frzr

$95.00 $87.99

SKU: 000688-A

Fridgemate 12v Fridge Fan For Universal Mounting

$122.00 $115.99

SKU: TDR02101C

Insulated Fridge Cover

$2,990.00 $2,395.00


National Luna 110lt Fridge 2 Door Dual Thermostat Stainless Steel

$2,890.00 $2,395.00


National Luna 125lt Fridge Stainless Steel

$1,745.00 $1,490.00


National Luna 40lt Fridge Stainless Steel



National Luna 5 Basket Set for 72 ltr fridge



National Luna 5 Basket Set for 90 ltr fridge

$1,995.00 $1,545.00


National Luna 55lt Fridge Stainless Steel

$2,790.00 $2,295.00


National Luna 72lt Fridge 2 Door Dual Thermostat Stainless Steel



National Luna Fridge Jacket to suit 110 Lt model



National Luna Fridge Jacket to suit 125 Lt model



National Luna Fridge Jacket to suit 40 Lt model