Levellers & Chocks

Sit flat and level on any terrain with a handy set of caravan levellers on the Outback Equipment website. Our range of caravan-levelling ramps can help increase the position of each wheel independently, so your caravan sits level. And to ensure it doesn’t run away, you can use wheel chocks to safely plant it in place.

View our collection of caravan and RV levellers and ramps below, and order yours today.


A Complete Range of Caravan Levelling Ramps and Levellers

From chocks and ramps to levels and indicators, we’ve got everything you’ll need to get your caravan or RV set up perfectly.

Wheel Chocks

If you’ve scored yourself a flat campsite, you’re in luck. But don’t risk your RV jetting off in the night or the supports of your caravan not keeping you grounded. To keep yourself stable, make sure each wheel is supported by a heavy-duty chock.

Caravan & RV Levelling Ramps

If you’ve pulled up for the night on a less-than-perfect patch of turf, some levelling ramps can give your vehicle a near-perfect platform to park. Simply bring the wheels up to the required heights, give it a check, and enjoy a far more comfortable night’s sleep.

Caravan Leveller Storage Bags & Accessories

With a proper level or indicator, you can take all the guesswork out of setting up your caravan levellers. Either follow the instructions or wait for the spirit level to give you the thumbs up, and you’ll know for sure that when you do the dishes, the water won’t fall out the side.


Why Buy Your Levellers from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

We don’t just supply camping equipment – we also use it. A lot. We know what gear you’ll need to get there and home safely, so you can trust we’ll have everything you need in stock.

Aussie Owned and Operated

If we’re not in our shop just south of Brisbane, we’re out exploring this great nation. We know what it takes for camping and caravan equipment to survive in our conditions, so we only stock stuff that’s up to the job.

Caravan Levellers Delivered to Your Door

You shouldn’t be using your weekend to shop for caravan gear. You should be out enjoying your caravan. If you don’t have time to shop around, simply order off the Outback Equipment website and we’ll ship everything to you.

Plenty of Payment Options

You can pay now or later – whatever floats your boat. On the Outback website, we support payment via:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Levellers and Ramps Today

Keep your campsite true and level with Outback Equipment’s range of caravan-levelling ramps and chucks. Check out our collection and order yours today.


SKU: 040652-A

Wheel Level And Chock Camec Colour Teal

$84.99 $55.99


Explore Caravan Levelling Ramps

$101.98 $72.99


Explore Caravan 2 Piece Levelling Ramps + Wheel Chocks



Outback Explorer Tee Level



Explore Caravan Levelling Ramps + Wheel Chocks + Bag



Explore Levelling Ramp - 3 Step (Pair) with Chocks



Explore Leveller Storage Bag



Explore Levelling Ramp - 3 Step (Pair)


SKU: RG9474

2 Piece Wheel Chock Set



Chock 'n Lock Dual Axle Wheel Chock


SKU: 040653-A

Wheel Chock Colour Teal - Pair



Bubble Bulls Eye Level


SKU: 042670-A

Camec Fridge Bubble Bulls Eye Level



Chock 'n Lock Extension Plates


SKU: 036711-A

Fiamma Level Bag - Black


SKU: 041407-A

Fiamma Level Pro Std 2 Piece Grey


SKU: 041406-A

Fiamma Level Up Chock Gre

$69.00 $52.99

SKU: 000362-A

Fiamma Magnum Jack Wedge


SKU: LM31004

Load Master Caravan Chocks



Tee Level