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As any experienced caravaner or RV owner will tell you, when it comes to beating the heat, nothing compares to relaxing under a caravan awning with a cold tinny. Avoid being compared to a tomato by your mates by investing in some of the quality caravan awning from our range. Some of the most popular caravan window awnings are the Carefree Fiesta caravan awning, Coast to coast awnings and the Fiamma F45 awning. These are top of the range if you are looking for a pop top caravan awning that will last a lifetime. There’s more than enough types of caravan awnings to suit any setup. If you’ve already got some of the kit and caboodle, you can pick up an awning without the arms included. Or, if you’re just getting started, you can grab a kit with the lot included.

Roll Out RV & Caravan Awnings

You didn’t buy a caravan to set up a tent every time you want a break from the sun. That’s why a roll out caravan awning can come in handy. Just give it a nudge, pull it into place, and there it is! No hassle, no messing around with fiddly legs and pieces, no battles with pegs. They couldn’t be simpler.

RV & Caravan Window Awnings

If you’re headed anywhere warm or sunny, you’ll at least want the option of blocking out the sun from the windows. Sure, curtains on the inside can help – but they’ll either block the breeze or flap around wildly. A roll out window awning can deliver the comfort of shade with the coolness of a breeze.

Box Awnings

A top-quality box awning can take your entire outdoor setup and keep it cosy in its own case. No need to store a big, invasive tent setup in your caravan or RV. Everything from the cover to the legs can be stored straight in an included, space-saving case. Never risk a dodgy lid when you’re headed out into the outdoors. After all, it doesn’t take much more than a bump in the road to send some awnings bouncing off like a busting kangaroo. We’ve got all the top brands covered, like Carefree and Fiamma. That way, you know that wherever you go, your cover is coming with you.

Awning Accessories and Parts 

There are hundreds of caravan awning accessories to choose from to make your caravan or camper set up completely weatherproof. The elements are often our biggest enemy and even the most well-prepared campers have been caught out. Protect against wind damage by securing your caravan awning and privacy screens with a range of Anti-flapper kits. Anti-flappers for caravan awnings are proved to reduce damage to awning framework and poles by providing a tight grip on fabric between screens. Investing in high grade Supa Pegs at least 370mm long is a safe bet that your awning will stay firmly attached to the ground. Lastly, in the event of heavy rain, caravan curved roof supports will provide the perfect shape to your awning so it can run off to the side instead of pooling in the middle.  

Mounting Your Caravan Awning 

Generally speaking, caravan awnings attach to the side of a caravan using poles that slide into sleeves sewn into the awning fabric and clip onto brackets mounted on the caravan exterior walls. The process of mounting your specific caravan awning will depend on your van and chosen awning - refer to the included user manual to determine the safest mounting method for your caravan awning. 

Using Caravan Awnings In Windy Conditions 

There are no clear wind ratings provided by most caravan awning manufacturers - so it’s best to use common sense. Fiamma advises that caravan awnings are intended only for sun protection (not wind, snow or rain) and to roll the awnings up if bad weather is incoming to prevent damage.  

Keeping Your Caravan Awning Clean

Use a soft brush and mild detergent mixed with warm water can be used to clean most caravan awnings. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry before rolling up. Avoid harsh cleaners that may damage the fabric. We advise referring to your manufacturers specifications as some awning materials might not be suitable for detergents. 

Caravan Annexes

Whatever your caravan accessories, annexe or privacy room needs are, there’s a product to suit at Outback Equipment. We understand that cabin fever is a real affliction and when heavy rain keeps us trapped in our vehicles on holiday, tensions are high. A caravan annexe is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, rain, hail or shine. The Orbita 325 Air Astro Profile or a Fiamma Privacy Room are our best-selling products for a reason. Made from the highest-grade materials, these caravan privacy rooms are the perfect addition to any holiday. Caravan annexes are a great way to enjoy the cool night air or a beautiful sunrise in comfort.  

Caravan sunrooms can be a lifesaver in winter. Enjoy the warm sunrays whilst escaping the chilly breeze in a sunroom from Oztrail. With the option of fly netted windows, that roll up and down, you can enjoy sitting around the fold out table without putting up with the mozzie bites.   

Privacy Screens  

Busy tourist destinations will get absolutely packed in peak season. So, if you're after some much needed down time, installing a caravan privacy screen  is a great way to avoid the crowds. Although meeting new people and having a chat to your camping neighbours can at times be rewarding, at Outback Equipment we understand that quality time with your friends and family is precious. Coast to coast caravan privacy screens are a great addition to any awning. Attach one or two of these high-quality weatherproof Coast to Coast privacy screens to your rig and escape the chilly breeze or just relax in your underwear in peace.  

Annexe Matting and Flooring 

The great outdoors is a great way to get down and dirty with nature but tracking the wilderness into your caravan doesn’t always impress with the missus. We stock only the best range of slip guards and annexe floor matting from Camec, so you can comfortably move around your camping area for days, without it turning it into a mud wrestling competition.  

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