Air Conditioners & Fans for Caravans

Getting out into the outdoors is great – until we remember just how hot it gets out there. So if you want to bring the comfort of the indoors to the beauty of the outdoors, a caravan air conditioner from Outback Equipment can make your next adventure a breeze.

We’ve stocked all the best brands in all things cold – to guarantee you can make the most of your trip. Check out our online collection of:

  • Caravan reverse cycle air conditioners
  • Small split system air conditioners
  • 12V fans for caravans.


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners for Caravans

If your first thought was someone riding a bike backwards, you’ve probably spent a bit too long in the sun. When it comes to cooling down (or warming up), a reverse-cycle air conditioner for your caravan is about as good as it gets.

In the summer, this tricky little unit uses a refrigerant to hand some heat back to the outdoors, cooling down your caravan. Then as the nights cool down, your reverse-cycle air conditioner will switch it up – scabbing some heat from the outdoors. Even if you think it’s colder outside, these clever little buggers can find some heat from somewhere, and deliver it straight into your caravan or RV.

If you need the temperature reversed (no matter what it is), grab yourself a reverse-cycle air conditioner for your caravan.


Caravan Split System Air Conditioners

If you’re looking to keep your caravan as clutter-free as possible, you’ll definitely want a split system. Essentially, it’s the bits you need inside, and the bits you don’t outside. So the unit that sends cool air is in with you, and the fan that sends away your warm air stays out.

Your caravan will be cooler, quieter, and cosier. And a small split-system air conditioner for caravans can be far less intrusive than bigger units – ideal for someone looking for a small caravan air conditioner.

If you’re in need of a small split-system air conditioner for your caravan, look no further than the Outback Equipment range.


12V Fans For Caravans

Sometimes, it’s the simple solutions that give the best results. Whether you’re inside or outside, there’s a lot to love about our 12V fans for caravans. Other than their rhyming name, these are an energy-efficient and handy way of cooling the immediate area.

With Outback Equipment’s caravan fans, you can mount it wherever best suits you. And with 360 degrees of airflow on offer, there’s no nook or cranny too tough for these crafty fans to find. To save you adding dozens of devices to your caravan, most will even give you the option of LED lighting as well. And thanks to their intelligent designs, it’ll sound like little more than a breathe as it works away. So even on those hot summer nights in the stickiest of Australia’s rainforests, you can be pretty confident you’ll sleep soundly.


No matter whether it’s a caravan air conditioner or fan you need, you can find the right cooling tool on the Outback Equipment website.

$189.99 $165.00

SKU: 7010CAWBX_500-10000

Caframo Sirocco II Fan 12/24V White


SKU: 7010CAWBX-BLK_500-10002X2

Caframo Sirocco II Fan 12/24V Black Pair

$189.99 $165.00

SKU: 7010CAWBX-BLK_500-10002

Caframo Sirocco II Fan 12/24V Black


SKU: 7010CAWBX_500-10000_X2

Caframo Sirocco II Fan 12/24V White Pair

$349.99 $299.00


Caframo Sirocco Elite Fan 12/24V White

$82.93 $74.99

SKU: 500-00082

Fan And Light Combo 12v (White)

$181.49 $144.59

SKU: 500-10010

Caframo Maestro Fan 12V Black

$181.49 $144.59

SKU: 500-10008

Caframo Maestro Fan 12V White

$349.99 $299.00


Caframo Sirocco Elite Fan 12/24V Black

$301.00 $273.64

SKU: 100-00004

Dometic H-Frame

$199.95 $169.99

SKU: 500-00060

Fantastic Endless Breeze Fan 12v Only


SKU: 000625-A

12v Mini Fan Heater

$2,093.00 $2,049.99

SKU: 100-02001

Dometic CALR242 Air Conditioner

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Dometic F23200 Freshjet Aircon + ADB

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Dometic FJ3200 Freshjet Aircon + ADB

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SKU: YF1212

Explore 12V Cool Breeze Fan



Explore 12V Twin Fan

$301.00 $273.64

SKU: 100-00006

H Frame (Aluminium) Sparrow A/C