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Caravan exhaust fans and vents are also a life saver when travelling through some of the hotter parts of the country and having sufficient airflow through the van whilst your sleeping is a game changer. Also, whilst cooking, it is important to vent the fumes and smoke if you do plan on cooking inside the van. Most new caravans will come stock with an exhaust fan such as a Jensen Roof Vent. Dometic hatches are also a commonly used as the caravan exhaust van on most new stock caravans. So, if you are looking to renovate an older caravan or if you have just signed yourself up for a DIY van project, then you can’t go passed the Maxxfan 7000ki. The high-quality caravan air conditioners and caravan exhaust fans from Outback Equipment have been tried and tested on our own recreational vehicles and will not disappoint.  

Heaters and Hot Water Systems

Being able to enjoy a hot shower in the middle of nowhere on a cold winters day really is a dream come true. If you're looking to install a reliable caravan hot water system, then look at the Truma ultra-rapid hot water system. These caravan hot water systems are designed to last years, with a 2-year warranty, provided you keep up your Maintenace, then the unit will look after you. If you are a particularly cold person then you’ll want to think about a high-quality caravan heater that you can rely on all year round. Truma have taken the cake with this one as well with their brilliant design of the Varioheat caravan gas heater. You might be wondering what the difference between gas and diesel heaters is or if they are even worth it? To break it down for you, the gas heaters are popular because they use the existing gas on the caravan, you are not having to have an external 10L fuel tank installed or carry extra diesel which will only add more weight to your set up. You do not have to sacrifice 1 of your spare jerry cans that could be used for water, to store your diesel.  

Fridges, Freezers and Parts

All caravan fridges are usually 3-way fridges and will either run on gas, 240v electrical or 12v power. Most stock caravans that you buy new will have a 195L standing two-door fridge freezer. Because of the large capacity you could be off grid in the bush with 4 people for about a week and you would still have cold beers left over when you left. For smaller vans, you either have a choice of fitting a stand-up fridge or a portable camping fridge that will open from the top. Depending on the way you lay out your van design or if you are revamping the old caravan, it's important to choose your fridge style first as this will affect the moveability and convenience of cooking. It is important to choose the right fridge because of the gas laws around the awning side of your caravan or motorhome. A gas fridge should be vented to the outside or through the roof. Anything that extrudes underneath an awning, such as the gas connected to the fridge, limits the ventilation if it’s enclosed, so keep this in mind if you plan to add enclosed awning walls to your awning. For example, adding a Dometic or Everkool draw fridge freezer will improve any outdoor lifestyle and cooking experience and they are portable and better in a slide out cupboard from the back. A stand-up fridge is better for accessibility inside and for long-term fixtures. 

Washing Machines & Dryers

Is a caravan washing machine worth it? It really depends on if you are travelling full time or just a weekend warrior. The main benefit is not having to rely on laundry mats and waiting around for hours to collect your load. It can be time consuming to find a laundry mat or even use the ones in a caravan park, especially with so many people waiting. So to resolve this situation we highly recommend, if you have the capacity to install one the Aussie Traveller, Camec or Sphere 2.5kg -3.2kg compact caravan washing machine. Another option is the front load Camec 4kg caravan washing machine which has become an extremely popular upgrade with families, due to the size and usability at the back of the caravan. There is only one compact dryer on the market that is suitable for a caravan which is the Camec compact 3.2kg RV dryer.  

Cooktops, Ovens & Grills 

One of the most important things you will do on a road trip is cook, so at Outback Equipment we make sure we stock the best quality and most reliable brands that supply caravan cooktops, caravan grills and even portable camping ovens. There are multiple different models and styles, including combination units which will include cooktops with a sink, or an oven and cooktop combination. It just depends on the circumstances or how many people you will be cooking for. For example, for one person, we would suggest the Dometic Two burner cooktop. For a family of 4 we highly recommend choosing the Thetford Burner 3-in-1 electric oven combination. This unit allows you to cook 2 pots on the stoves and always have something in the oven with ease. If you run out of gas, there is the option of having the back-up 240v which can be a life saver. We also stock a wide range of portable outdoor burners, camping stoves and outdoor BBQ’s which you can find here. 

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