Caravan Hot Water Systems & Heaters

Caravan Hot Water Systems & Heaters

If you’re looking for efficient and reliable hot water systems and heaters for your caravan, you can’t go past Outback Equipment. No one likes a cold shower after a long day out in the bush. We stock quality caravan hot water systems so you can wash off the dirt and sweat in the perfect temperature.

Or if you’ve finished tucking into the perfect bacon sanga and it’s time to do the washing up, you can have the hot water do the hard scrubbing for you.

No matter how you use your hot water, you can finally get to it without carrying a bucket into those dodgy communal showers. Check out the caravan hot water systems on the Outback Equipment website.


Caravan Hot Water Systems

The hot water systems and heaters stocked on our website are the absolute best in class. Take the Dometic Atwood 22.7L gas and 240V system. This little champion comes with everything you need for some well-earned hot water. And normally for your hot water systems, you’d have an ‘anode’ in there to cop the brunt of the corrosion of the water. It’s basically a way for lower-quality tanks to try and survive your average decay and corrosion from use. But the Dometic’s non-corrosive aluminium tank doesn’t need one – it’s tough enough to survive on its own.

To add some more joy to the mix, the super-efficient heater tube is more efficient at heating water, so you get better value out of your gas or power.

And if you do hit the mother of all bumps and some repairs need to be done, around 98% of servicing and repairs can be done through the handy external door. You’ll also find all the bits and pieces you need on the Outback Equipment website.


Choosing the Right Hot Water System for Your Caravan

Some of you might have power coming to your campsite. Others, you might be smack bang in the middle of absolutely nowhere. And you know what? It doesn’t matter.

With the right caravan hot water system, you can make the most of your surroundings. If you’ve got access to a 240V plug, power that bad boy up. But if you’ve gone about 200km past the nearest road, you can get going with a gas supply instead.


Don’t wait for the cows to come home – especially when your home changes spot by the night! Check out Outback Equipment’s range of caravan hot water systems today, and get your warm water needs sorted.

$1,527.90 $1,199.00

SKU: 950-03000

Suburban Nautilus IW60A On Demand Water Heater

$147.80 $129.99

SKU: 950-01314

Black Suburban Water Heater Door. 6270aeb

$36.25 $32.99

SKU: 950-01140

Suburban Anode Rod For All Suburban Hws. 232767

$111.27 $69.50

SKU: 950-03502

Suburban Nautilus Control Centre - Black

$111.27 $62.99

SKU: 950-03500

Suburban Nautilus Control Centre - White

$61.42 $40.00

SKU: 950-03508

Suburban Nautilus Vent 2-3"

Out Of Stock

$59.13 $40.00

SKU: 950-03506

Suburban Nautilus Vent for 2.5-5cm Wall Thickness

$109.00 $105.99

SKU: 039245-A

Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve

$23.52 $22.99

SKU: 950-02720

Camco Hws Tank Rinser. 11691

Out Of Stock

$44.90 $38.99

SKU: 950-02710

Camco T & P Universal Valve Remover. 10552

$999.00 $979.99

SKU: 042793-A

Camec Digital Instantaneous Gas Water Heater White Door


SKU: 044129-A

Elbow Tap Connector - 12mm

$31.95 $24.99

SKU: 035975-A

Magnesium Anode Rod AZ31


SKU: 950-02700

Screw-In Element Wrench 5" For Suburban HWS 09883

$57.15 $43.99

SKU: 950-02691

Suburban 240V 1440W Hot Water System Heating Element

$77.95 $70.99

SKU: 040710-A

Suburban 240V Element 1440W

$45.00 $32.99

SKU: 950-03514

Suburban Nautilus Access Doors 10 Gallon White

$60.25 $40.00

SKU: 950-03512

Suburban Nautilus Access Doors 6 Gallon Black

$60.25 $39.50

SKU: 950-03511

Suburban Nautilus Access Doors 6 Gallon White

$57.17 $32.99

SKU: 950-03504

Suburban Nautilus Vent 0-1"

Out Of Stock

$577.50 $499.99

SKU: 950-00044

Suburban SW5EA 240v Only HWS. 5180A

Out Of Stock

$899.00 $804.00

SKU: 950-09004

Truma 14L Gas Only Hot Water Service

$1,099.00 $954.00

SKU: 950-09014

Truma Boiler 14l Hot Water Service - Gas & Electric