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Caravan hot water system

No one likes a cold shower after a long day out in the Aussie bush. We stock quality caravan hot water systems so you can wash off the dirt and sweat in the perfect temperature. Or if you’ve finished tucking into the perfect bacon sanga and it’s time to do the washing up, you can have the hot water do the hard scrubbing for you. No matter how you use your hot water, you can finally get to it without carrying a bucket into those dodgy communal showers. 

The hot water systems and heaters stocked on our website are the absolute best in class. Take the Camec and Suburban hot water systems. These little champions come with everything you need for some well-earned hot water. Normally for your hot water systems, you’d have an ‘anode’ in there to cop the brunt of the corrosion of the water. It’s basically a way for lower-quality tanks to try and survive your average decay and corrosion from use, but these non-corrosive aluminium tanks don't need one – it’s tough enough to combat corrosion on its own. To add some more joy to the mix, the super-efficient heater tube is more efficient at heating water, so you get better value out of your gas or power and if you do hit the mother of all bumps and some repairs need to be done, around 98% of servicing and repairs can be done through the handy external door. You’ll also find all the hot water system replacement parts and servicing accessories you'll need on the Outback Equipment website. 

Choosing the Best Hot Water System for Your Caravan 

Some of you might have power coming to your campsite. Others, you might be smack bang in the middle of nowhere. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. With the right caravan hot water system, you can make the most of your surroundings. If you’ve got access to a 240V plug, power up a Truma 14L gas and electrical hot water system and enjoy perfect heat and water pressure. This lightweight unit is easy to install and operate, featuring 12-volt electronic remote ignition and tough stainless-steel tanks, the Truma hot water system is the quietest and most gas efficient product you can choose. Which means if you’ve gone about 200km past the nearest road, you can get going with a gas supply instead. Don’t wait for the cows to come home – especially when your home changes location every night! Check out Outback Equipment’s range of caravan hot water systems today and get your warm water needs sorted. 

Permanent vs portable caravan hot water systems

A portable outdoor gas hot water system is a viable choice in a motorhome, however most stock caravan will come with one of the abovementioned products already. That does mean that permanent system is usually recommended for bigger vehicles, simply because they are more gas and water efficient. That doesn't mean you couldn't get away with using a portable system in a bus or motorhome. The only thing you must remember is that a gas hot water system, needs to be vented to the outside and should never be operated inside a vehicle without proper air flow. This leaves you with the option of cutting a hole for a vent in the side of your vehicle or mounting it to the back door to be opened when in use. Many customers have come up with their own solutions, so it's important to do your research before buying any products to see what will suit your set up. The great thing about a portable system is that it can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, meaning you only need one product, whether it be hiking, camping or travelling in a 4x4, just hook it up to a gas supply. You won't be able to enjoy the same water pressure and heat consistency you would from a permanent fixture, but most people are happy just to have a shower whilst on the road. Check out the portable hot water system we stock from Bushranger, if that's something you think will work for you.  

Electric Caravan Hot Water Systems:

Electric caravan hot water heaters are one of the the most tried, tested and loved methods to provide a steady stream of hot water for your showers when you’re on the road. These systems are water-efficient as they heat water only when you need it, so there’s less waste which is better for the planet and require less stopovers to refill your water tank.

Being powered by electricity alone, does mean that they’re preferable for trips where you’ll be stopping off at powered caravan parks, so you’re never without power.

For those in the market for an instant hot water system for their caravan, choosing electricity will see you benefit from a wide range of options currently available.

After a long day of travelling or hiking, there’s no greater feeling than having a nice hot shower to end your day when you’re on the road. Below, we’ve put together a complete guide to choosing the best caravan hot water systems, including electric, gas, and solar options. When choosing the best caravan hot water system for your next adventure, it’s likely that your budget will come into play when making your decision. And for those that like the added luxury, you may also be in the market for an instant hot water system for your caravan. Before making your decision, it’s helpful to understand the features and benefits of systems powered by electric, gas, and solar.

Gas Caravan Hot Water Systems:

A caravan gas water heater is powered purely by gas and is often seen as the most economical way to heat your water supply when you’re on the road. To run this caravan hot water system, you’ll need to carry gas cylinders and a steady flow of clean water to operate. It’s also important to maintain your caravan gas water heater with a regular service, just like your vehicle.

If you’re a camping enthusiast or have planned an epic caravan trip across the sunburnt Nullarbor Plain, a caravan gas water heater will provide the perfect solution for all of your hot water needs. So, you can say goodbye  to stressful stopovers when you’re running low on charge and desperate for your next hot shower.

Similarly to electric, gas water heaters often come with the option of an instantaneous hot water supply for your caravan, like this digital gas water heater from Camec hot water system.

Solar-Powered Hot Water Systems:

The beauty of exploring this gorgeous country is that we’re rarely in no short supply of the sun! However, evening temperatures can plummet when you’ve gone bush or are in outback Australia. Because of this, it’s really important to make sure you have a guaranteed supply of hot water to wash off the day’s sweat before you get into some tucker.

Solar-powered caravan hot water systems are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your water when you’re on the road, however it can be more costly when it comes to installing the right number of panels on the roof of your caravan. The good news is that manufacturers are working hard on making solar-powered caravan hot water heaters more affordable as more research and innovation occurs in the area.

Campers and caravaners alike, sometimes opt for the more affordable option of a solar shower like these options from OzTrail, which fit conveniently inside your shower tent. Whether you choose solar, electric or a gas caravan hot water system, you’ll be loving life after a hot shower and clean dishes as the sun sets on another day in the outback. Goodbye cold showers, hello luxury adventures.

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