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Australia’s got one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world. That’s why we’re told to play sun-smart whenever we head outside, and keep ourselves safe from those harmful UV rays. But for all the effort we go to protecting ourselves, why don’t we put the same care and love toward our vehicles?

Any camper trailer, caravan, motorhome or spare wheel that spends time outside needs sun protection. That’s why Outback Equipment stocks a range of UV-stabilised covers for all types of vehicles. And when the weather does change, you’ll be protected against rain and hail too.

Take a look through Outback Equipment’s range of caravan, RV, and trailer covers below.


Camper Trailer Covers

There’s more to a great camper trailer cover than just keeping the trailer safe. It needs to be tough enough to keep itself safe against the weather, the road, and the jagged edges you’ll normally find on a camper trailer.

Thankfully, the covers in the Outback Equipment range are tough enough to protect your prized trailer, and durable enough to keep it that way for years to come.

The reinforced corners and double-stitched seams keep the cover from separating over time. The UV-stabilised, waterproof fabric material has been engineered to survive in even the worst weather. And to save it from damage against rough metal numberplate brackets, the elasticised hem has been reinforced.


Caravan & Motorhome Covers

Those same covers come in just about every shape and size you can imagine. So you’ll be sorted whether you’ve got an 8-foot camper trailer or a full 42-foot motorhome. Whatever cover you need, we’ve either got it in stock or will do our best to get it in for you.


Wheel Covers

If your spare wheel lives on the outside of your vehicle, it’s begging to be broken down from those harmful UV rays. And if there’s one thing worse than having a wheel go down, it’s the spare popping once you get rolling.

A wheel cover might not make a difference to your drive on a day-to-day basis, but when you do need to call on the spare, you’ll be glad it’s there.


All the Best Brands

We stock all the best products from the best brands in the market. You’ll find Adco RV covers, Oztrail, Prestige and more in our collection.

With the best prices at the best brands, Outback Equipment is your one-stop shop in all things outdoors.


Order Your Covers Today

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SKU: OECC14-16

Camper Trailer Cover 14ft - 16ft (4.3m To 4.8m)



Outback Explorer Pop Top Cover 16-18ft (4.87m - 5.48m)



Outback Explorer Pop Top Cover 12-14ft (3.65m - 4.26m)

$479.95 $348.00

SKU: 400-06112

Adco Crvcac18 Caravan Cover 16-18'

$549.95 $410.00

SKU: 400-06118

Adco Crvcac 24 Caravan Cover 22-24'



Outback Explorer Pop Top Cover 14-16ft (4.26m - 4.87m)



Outback Explorer Pop Top Cover 18-20ft (5.48m - 6.09m)

$299.95 $229.99

SKU: 400-06102

Adco Camper Trailer Cover 12-14'

$139.00 $128.99


Explore Camper Trailer Cover 3.7-4.2m (12-14')

$199.99 $132.49


Prestige Camper Cover Up To 8ft (2.43m)

$509.95 $368.99

SKU: 400-06114

Adco Caravan Cover 18-20'

$519.95 $388.00

SKU: 400-06116

Adco Crvcac22 Caravan Cover 20-22'

$579.95 $427.00

SKU: 400-06120

Adco Crvcac26 Caravan Cover 24-26'


SKU: 7928

Cargo Mate RV Spare Wheel Cover 14 Inch


SKU: 7926

Caravan Spare Wheel Cover 13 Inch

$229.99 $189.99


Outback Explorer Caravan Cover 20-22ft

$429.99 $331.99


Prestige Motorhome Cover - C Class Up To 20ft (Up To 6.0m)

$459.95 $349.99

SKU: 400-06128

Adco Crvptc20 Pop Top Cover 18-20'

$239.00 $169.99


Explore Caravan Cover 4.8-5.4m (16-18')

$289.00 $199.99


Explore Caravan Cover 6.6-7.3m (22-24')

$199.99 $159.99


Outback Explorer Caravan Cover 14-16ft

$209.99 $169.99


Outback Explorer Caravan Cover 16-18ft

$279.95 $229.99

SKU: 400-06100

Adco Camper Trailer Cover 10-12'

$399.95 $305.00

SKU: 400-06122

Adco Crvptc14 Pop Top Cover 12-14'

$319.00 $293.99

SKU: 044116-A

Camec Pop-Top Cover C20pcv Fits Pop Top 18'-20' 5.4m-6.0m



Explore Caravan Cover Repair Kit Prestige