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Towing Hitches and Accessories for Safe Towing

When towing precious cargo like your caravan or trailer, you need the right towing hitch for peace of mind. Outback Equipment offers one of Australia's largest ranges of reliable tow hitches and accessories, including towbar tongues, tow ball mounts, and adjustable tow hitches for every application. Shop online for fast delivery nationwide and enhance your towing experience. 

Trailer Hitch Types

Adjustable Tow Hitch

Adjustable ball mounts, tow tongues, and hitches suit all towing heights. Compatible with most 4x4s, an adjustable hitch lets you tow caravans, camper trailers, or boats at different heights without changing hitches. These hitches allow precise control over the height of your tow ball, affecting the height of the drawbar when attached. Ark leads the market with high-quality towing accessories. Having the right towbar tongue and hitch is crucial for reliable towing. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an outdoor enthusiast on a long trip, you deserve the best gear.

TowBall Hitch

The popular Do35 hitch pin, known as the ‘tow ball’ replacement for a Do35 coupling, is one of our best-sellers due to its quality, durability, and tough design. We stock a wide range of tow balls and tow ball covers, with a hitch to suit every need.

The Hayman Reese tow ball step, designed to handle 3.5t, provides a non-slip platform for safe access to your vehicle and trailer. We carry top brands like Camec and Ark, specializing in high-rise tow balls, durable tow ball covers, and 50mm – 70mm tow balls.

Tow Ball Weight Scales

Your tow ball is the crucial link between your cargo and towing vehicle. Ensuring your caravan's tow ball weight is evenly distributed is vital to avoid overloading. If the front is too heavy, it pulls down on the back tires, causing dangerous 'light steering.' Your car and trailer should sit level for safe driving. Invest in tow ball weight scales, Reich Weight Control scales, or a ball rating indicator for safe towing.

Shanks, Weight Distribution & Sway Control

Extra-long shanks are specific to weight distribution kits that are used on extra big caravans that require more control. Weight distribution systems are designed to restore correct steering, suspension and geometry to the tow vehicle whilst in motion. These systems not only help provide a safer towing connection, but it will also reduce rear tyre wear and tear over time, restore braking efficiency, realign headlights and redistribute tow ball weight evenly to all axles, to minimise coupling damage.

Understanding the lingo

  • GTW – gross trailer weight - This figure is the total weight of your trailer or caravan when fully loaded.
  • W – tongue weight - This refers to the downward force that is exerted on the hitch ball by the coupler. The tongue weight is going to vary depending on where the load is in relation to the trailer axle.
  • WC – weight carrying - The total weight of both the trailer and your cargo. Never exceed the weight capacity of your trailer hitch.
  • WD – weight distribution - Used to balance cargo between the front and rear wheels, ensuring better steering, braking and level riding.

Choosing the right hitch for your van, trailer or tow is a matter of:

  1. Checking the towing capacity
  2. Figuring out the gross trailer weight of your tow
  3. Choose the right class hitch and towbar tongue for your vehicle
  4. Choosing the best products

Safety Tips:

Make sure you stay safe on the roads by following these simple tips.

  • A higher class of hitch does not improve the tow capacity of your vehicle. Make sure you choose the right kind of towbar tongue for your vehicle.
  • Reversing is tough. Make sure you practice and leave yourself PLENTY of room for error.
  • Extra weight in your van or trailer can mean that your car isn’t going to be as responsive as usual, so be aware of this if climbing. When going downhill, make sure you choose the gear you would use to climb that hill (even in an auto vehicle) – and do it before you hit the down-grade, not when your brakes are smoking and you’re picking up speed!
  • Avoid braking hard and jack-knifing by ensuring you are employing the correct following distance. Always give yourself a lot more than you think you need to ensure safety.

Outback Equipment stocks a huge range of towing accessories and can work with you to find the best towing setup for your needs.

From hitch pins to tow balls, we have got you covered. We also have a wide range of towing mirrors and caravan reversing cameras. We are also always looking out for new, high-quality products to add to our range, so please get in touch if you cannot find what you’re looking for here.