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Tow Bar Tongue & Tow Accessories

When you’re towing precious cargo like your caravan or trailer, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the right kind of tow accessories. Whether you are in the market for a towbar tongue, a tow ball mount, a tow bar hitch, an adjustable tow bar or a tow tongue ball, you’ll find it all here.


Tow Bar Tongue & Tow Bar Hitch Accessories

Ensuring you have the right towbar tongue is so important because you need to know that it’s going to stand up to the job at hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior who loves hitting the road and heading to the beach with the family, or if you’re an outdoor enthusiast gearing up for a long trip around Australia – you want the best gear on your side.

Outback Equipment stocks a huge range of towing accessories and can work with you to find the best towing setup for your needs.

From hitch pins to tow balls, we have got you covered. We are also always looking out for new, high-quality products to add to our range, so please get in touch if you cannot find what you’re looking for here.


The Perfect Tow Bar Hitch

Understanding how to tow your caravan or trailer correctly is a key part of sourcing the right kind of towing materials.

Necessary terminology for towing:

GTW – gross trailer weight

This figure is the total weight of your trailer or caravan when fully loaded.

TW – tongue weight

This refers to the downward force that is exerted on the hitch ball by the coupler. The tongue weight is going to vary depending on where the load is in relation to the trailer axle. 

WC – weight carrying

The total weight of both the trailer and your cargo. Never exceed the weight capacity of your trailer hitch.

WD – weight distributing

Used to balance cargo between the front and rear wheels, ensuring better steering, braking and level riding.

Choosing the right hitch for your van, trailer or tow is a matter of:

  1. Checking the towing capacity
  2. Figuring out the gross trailer weight of your tow
  3. Choose the right class hitch and towbar tongue for your vehicle


Safety Tips

Make sure you stay safe on the roads by following these simple tips:

  • Never tow a greater GTW trailer than the vehicle you are towing with. You may damage your transmission and frame, and void any manufacturers warranties
  • A higher class of hitch does not improve the tow capacity of your vehicle. Make sure you choose the right kind of towbar tongue for your vehicle
  • Reversing is tough. Make sure you practice and leave yourself PLENTY of room for error
  • Extra weight in your van or trailer can mean that your car isn’t going to be as responsive as usual, so be aware of this if climbing. When going downhill, make sure you choose the gear you would use to climb that hill (even in an auto vehicle) – and do it before you hit the down-grade, not when your brakes are smoking and you’re picking up speed!
  • Avoid braking hard and jack-knifing by ensuring you are employing the correct following distance. Always give yourself a lot more than you think you need to ensure safety


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For the very best in towing equipment, get in touch with us on 1300 854 185 or get in touch online. We can help with all your tow tongue enquiries – and anything else you may need! 

$319.00 $273.99

SKU: 450-05910

Reich Caravan Weight Control Scale Yellow 1000KG

$42.00 $20.99


Anti-Rattle Shim Kit 3Pc Stainless Steel

$118.55 $80.99

SKU: 350-00060

Hayman Reese Hitch Step

$148.50 $91.99


Hitch Extender 14" Hole To Hole

$93.70 $77.99

SKU: 450-05990

Towsafe Tow Ball Weight Scales

$18.85 $17.99

SKU: 350-00026

2.5ton 50mm Chrome Tow Ball Long Shank 7/8" X 80mm

$160.95 $144.95

SKU: 450-05147

Alko AKS High Rise 50mm Tow Ball

$119.25 $72.99


Ball Mount 50mm Drop 19mm Rise, Long Shank 322mm

$143.82 $88.99


Forged Ball Mount 6" Drop 4.5T 127mm Rise

$112.50 $67.99


Friction Sway Control Device Lh & Rh Fitment

$127.50 $77.99

SKU: MHA4050

Hitch Adapter 40mm To 50mm

$238.50 $159.00


Pintle Hook Combo 6 Tonne With 50mm Adr Tested & Certified

$59.85 $32.99


Reducing Sleeve 2-1/2" To 2" , 146mm Total Length

$112.50 $67.99


RV Bumper Hitch Receiver Suits 4"- 4.5" Bumpers

$194.85 $129.90


Step Bumper Receiver Universal Incl Mounting Hardware


SKU: LM31300

Tow Ball Weight Scales - 350KG

$75.99 $58.99


Tow Bar Tongue - Long Shank 3000kg

$55.49 $27.99


Treg T-Bar Pin 19mm Plus Lock