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Quality 4WD Seat Covers

No matter which direction you drive in this wide nation, you’re bound to find a top notch mess. From that famous red dust to the mud of our rainforests, your 4x4 seat covers are bound to cop an absolute battering. So if your 4WD seat covers aren’t ready for it, are they even worth having? That’s where we come in. No matter what you drive, and no matter where you take it, you can plonk your parker down and know your seats will be fine. Every one of our car seat covers is made from the best stuff around. Our neoprene covers are moisture and abrasion-resistant – the main threats to any seat. But what about threats to you? Yep, that’s sorted. Seat covers in our range come with Side Airbag Technology (SAT) so if the airbag pops out for a cheeky hello, our covers won’t stand in their way.

Types of 4x4 Car Seat Covers

There’s more than one way to skin a seat. Depending on whether you’re after a slim fit for your seats, or simply something to stop the sweat seeping in, we’ve got you covered. Neoprene 4x4 seat covers are the answer to the summer heat. Bang on if you’re towing a boat, out in the mud, or just a reasonably sweaty person. If you’re likely to sit down damp, you’re going to want neoprene seat covers.

True Fit seat covers are recommended for any tradies, workers, or really anyone that doesn’t want to arrive anywhere with their back covered in sweat – you’ll want the True Fit seat covers. The air-weave Dacron polyester is the perfect way to stay cool on a hot day. And of course, they include SAT stitching – so your airbag doesn’t feel left out.

Tuff Terrain universal seat covers are ideal for those who want the option to take of their 4x4 seat covers dust them off and put them back on quickly. We’ve all been there. You head out to the beach, or get absolutely caked in mud, then have to get back in the car. You’ll throw an old towel or shirt down, but that’s not going to cut it. Simply keep one of these champs in the boot, whip it out when it’s needed, and your seat’s suddenly wearing its very own wetsuit. A gold medal goes to whoever came up with that one.

4x4 Seat Cover Brands:

If it’s got 4 wheels, there’s a pretty decent chance we’ve got some seat covers for it. Flick through and you’ll find what options we’ve got to suit:

  • Ford

  • Holden

  • Toyota

  • Isuzu

  • Subaru

  • Mitsubishi

  • Volkswagen

  • Mazda

Choosing the Right 4WD Seat Covers

No matter what gets you from A to B, you can bet we’ve got something to keep your seats in tip-top shape. Choosing what seat cover is best isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re bringing just about every seat-destroying material in every time you hop in – from dirt and dust to water and mud. So to help you pick the right kit, we’ve covered the main threats (and their ideal covers).

Towing a boat or jet ski: As you launch, you’re bound to end up waist-deep in water. And if you’re launching into the salt, that means bringing salt water back into the cabin – as you go park the car. If it’s a one-off day every now and again, the Tuff Terrain covers might be best. But if you’re out there every weekend, the neoprene covers might be a better choice. If you’ve spent all day on a job site, there’s nothing better than pumping the air-con and cooling down. So, you’ll definitely want the True Fit covers – the best solution for a sneaky bit of airflow behind you.

Camping & off-roading: It depends on how muddy you plan on getting. If it’s mostly just dust and sweat, you’re better off looking into a True Fit cover. If you’re only going to be bringing in water or mud every now and again, you’re best off just keeping a Tuff Terrain cover in the boot. But if your job is testing how tents hold up under a waterfall, the neoprene covers are an absolute must. No matter what your 4x4 seat cover needs are, you’ll find the right ones in our range.

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