Caravan Couplings & Security Equipment

Stop your caravan from going on any unwanted adventures of its own with Outback Equipment’s collection of couplings, wheel clamps and anti-theft devices. Our state-of-the-art range of caravan couplings has been engineered to carry heavy trailers along bumpy Australian roads with ease.

Check out our range of couplings and caravan anti-theft devices below, and order yours today.


All the Caravan Anti-Theft Devices You’ll Ever Need

If you go to the effort of locking your house and car, you should be just as proactive with locking your caravan. And with Outback Equipment’s collection of anti-theft devices, you can trust that your caravan will be right where you left it when you return.

Caravan Jockey Wheel Anti-Theft Lock

A hitch lock will stop thieves from stealing your entire caravan, but what’s stopping them from knocking off the jockey wheel? Well, if you’re well prepared, it’s your jockey wheel anti-theft lock. By locking through the coupling point of the jockey wheel itself, it prevents any unwanted hands from unscrewing and stealing it.

Caravan Wheel Clamp

Some thieves are more ambitious and will gun for the entire caravan. But if you’ve got a caravan wheel clamp attached, they’re not getting far. The tough design will prevent the wheel from turning or even being towed.


The Best Caravan Couplings in the Land

The generic coupling that comes with your trailer is fine, but the list of features missing is far longer than the list of features included. If you need more sophisticated hand braking, a tougher hold on the tow ball or even a more appealing colour, you’ll find a caravan coupling to suit in our range.


Why Buy Your Caravan Couplings & Security Gear from Outback Equipment?

All the Top Caravan Brands

We only stock gear that’s been tried and tested for long periods in Australian conditions. If it’s cheap and nasty, it’s not in our range.

Aussie Owned and Operated

You’ll find us either in our store in the south of Brisbane or out exploring this great nation. We live and breathe the outdoors and are ready to help offer advice on what gear you’ll need for your journey.

Caravan Anti-Theft Devices Delivered Direct to Your Door

Don’t waste your weekends on shopping for gear. With Outback Equipment you can order gear in your downtime, and we’ll handle the shipping and transport for you.

Plenty of Payment Options

On the Outback website, we support payment via:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Caravan Anti-Theft Devices & Couplings Today

Stay in complete control of your caravan with our range of caravan couplings and anti-theft devices. Check out the range below, and order your bits and pieces today.



DO35/DO45 Bi-Lock Pin (Boxed)

$260.00 $239.99

SKU: 450-06064

Nemesis Wheel Clamp V3

$199.98 $154.99

SKU: 450-06086

Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock. SHL300

$42.99 $38.99

SKU: 450-06032

Torpedo Hitch Pin Lock

$124.41 $119.90

SKU: 450-06088

Saracen Off Road Hitch Lock SHL400 to fit Hitchmaster D035

$95.00 $78.99

SKU: 450-06081

Saracen Australian Caravan and Trailer Hitch Lock

$240.00 $222.00

SKU: 450-06072

Purple Line Anti Theft Pack



Cruisemaster DO35 Bolt Kit



DO35 Tow Pin Cover



DO35 Tow Pin Wf Kit (Boxed)


SKU: 450-05120_006280

Alko 3500kg Electric Coupling W/Hand Brake. 614010pl

$76.45 $72.99

SKU: 450-05146

Alko Aks Towball Retention Plate. 618100



Bumper Replacement Kit - V3


SKU: 50K-133


$51.94 $36.99

SKU: 450-03530

Couple-Mate Treg Pin Lock


SKU: 18D-DO35-V3-I

DO35 Coupling V3-I


SKU: 18D-DO35-V3-R

DO35 Coupling V3-R


SKU: 18D-DO35-CAP-V2

Dust Cap C/W Lanyard - V2 (Boxed)

$155.98 $135.89

SKU: 450-06085

Gullwing Euro Hitch Lock

$52.92 $49.99

SKU: 450-00940

Trail-A-Mate Jockey Wheel Clamp Anti-Theft Lock

$38.50 $37.99

SKU: 450-05100

Alko 2000kg 2 Hole Snap On Coupling-Painted. 614062

$139.50 $129.95

SKU: 450-05130

Alko 2000kg Mech Override Coupling-Plated



Anti Theft Trailer Lock 50mm

$79.99 $69.99

SKU: WC103

Anti Theft Wheel Clamp

Out Of Stock

$48.15 $32.99

SKU: 350-00086

Ark Dual Purpose Hitch Pin Lock 5/8" X 65mm/80mm