Caravan & Camping Solar Panels

Camping Solar Panels

If you love camping but also love the taste of ice-cold beer, then you might just be the perfect candidate for a portable solar panel. Not only limited to keeping your beers cold (via your camping fridge) of course, your portable solar panels also have a range of other applications including:

  • Charging your mobile phones or other electrical equipment
  • Heating water
  • Charging car batteries

While the most common uses for portable solar panels when in the outdoors relates to charging electrical items or keeping food cold, you can use your portable solar panels for practically anything that requires electricity.


Your Perfect Camping Set Up

When you’re out in the bush, the last thing you want is a generator disrupting the peace and quiet. So you’re going to go with solar – whether you choose portable solar panels or flexible solar panels. Not only is solar an environmentally-friendly choice, but it's also much more serene and easy to manage.

To ensure that you can charge everything successfully, you need the following:

  • Solar panels
  • A regulator
  • A deep-cycle battery
  • An inverter (if you’re going to be charging 240V appliances – laptops etc.)


Types of solar panels

We stock two kinds of solar panels in our online store. Each has their own advantages, and your choice will come down to your budget and energy requirements.


  • Great performance, even in cooler conditions
  • Good power-to-size ratio
  • Great lifespan
  • Leading technology – has been used and improved over past 50 years
  • Good conversion efficiency


  • Less lifespan than crystalline panels
  • Great in hot weather, less so in cooler weather
  • Lower conversion efficiency
  • Needs larger surface area than crystalline panels – but this is ok in inland Australia where lots of space isn’t an issue

We stock a range of portable solar panels and flexible solar panels, as well as camping solar panels, foldable solar panels and solar panels for caravans.


Choosing the Right Solar Panel

You need first to figure out what kind of power levels you’re after each day and then buy the equipment accordingly.

If you’re going to be out camping with a 12V fridge, then you need to ensure that whatever equipment you have matches this.

To figure out what kind of solar setup you need, you can figure it out like so:

Solar Power (Amps/Hour) = Total Power per day (amp hours) / Charging time (hours)


Your fridge and a couple of lights use 20 Amp hours every day. You get 4 hours of sunlight per day for charging.

So you will need 20 / 4 = 5 Amps per hour from your solar panels.


What is Important in Solar?

When you’re out camping, you need to know that your solar panels – whether they’re caravan solar panels or camping solar panels – are going to be folded and unfolded and moved around a lot.

So you need to know that you have a quality product that you can move around really easily. Look for an easily portable, durable set up.

Get in touch today by phone on 1800 854 185 to find out more, or shop the range online. We are your first choice for flexible solar panels and portable solar panels for camping and the outdoors. 


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10 Amp Solar Regulator


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120 Watt Solar Panel


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150 Watt Solar Panel


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30 Amp Solar Regulator


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50 Amp Anderson Style Plugs - 3m Extension


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50 Watt Solar Panel


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80 Watt Solar Panel

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EZY Large Rails (twin Pack) Black