Reversing Cameras

Caravan and Truck Rear View & Reversing Cameras

If you drive a four wheel drive, chances are you know exactly how hard it is to see when you’re reversing. You have to do a pretty good check behind the vehicle before you reverse, and you never want to hit anything that you haven’t checked for. The design of modern cars, coupled with our taste for bigger four wheel drives, means that safety cameras and reversing cameras are a vital part of staying safe when you’re on the road.

Many people might say “what’s wrong with a simple head check?” But if only it were that simple now! If you compare the cars of the past with cars today, there is a huge difference in visibility. After all, there are a few reasons why there is such a big push for a rear view camera on our cars, and it’s actually less to do with laziness, not remembering to turn your head to do a check, or the awful and tragic deaths of toddlers and pets in driveways.

The most important reason why we need a reverse camera is this: visibility in modern cars is awful. Look at an old car, and you see huge windows with very thin pillars. The modern cars of today are crowded with features and luxury finishings, and as a result, our visibility is poorer for it.


Why is a Reverse Camera Important Today?

We have focused on crash protection and airflow for fuel economy, which is great news for us but also means that we have deeper doors and smaller rear windows. On top of this, we Aussies just love our utes, with many of the top selling utilities not coming with a standard reverse camera – which is a shame, given the importance of visibility when driving.


What You Need to Look at When Buying Rearview Cameras

There are a few key features that are important to look for when you are looking to buy a rear view camera. We have looked at some of these in more detail below. 


Automatic switching

This is one of the most important features of your new reverse car camera. It’s best to have a system that switches on automatically whenever you put the car into reverse. Some of our systems do not have an automatic reverse feature, which means that you’ll have to engage them when you do reverse – so please check this when purchasing. Some drivers prefer engaging their reversing systems manually, and this is your preference.

You can also choose to have a rear view camera ‘on’ constantly, again, to your preference. We would recommend that you purchase an auto-switching camera as it’s the best possible safety feature.


Mirror Image

Your reverse camera should be able to produce a mirror (or reverse) image as part of its abilities. Having a mirror image is a great way to see the same type of image that you would see in your rear view mirror – and thus the true to life image.


Why You Need a Rear View Camera for Your Caravan, Truck or Vehicle

There’s no substitute for safety when you’re in the car, and with more and more of us hopping behind the wheel of a four wheel drive, it makes sense to improve our visibility where we can. A simple head check just doesn’t cut it anymore.

A rear view camera is a great way to stay safe and to protect our kids and families, as well as to drive safer overall.