Gas Regulators & Hoses

$48.95 $44.99

SKU: 002913-A

Gas Stainless Steel Hose 2.0M Bayonet x 1/4" Inverted Flare


SKU: 550-00316

Gas Cylinder Regulator Kit-Dual. 6060575


SKU: 035714-A

Adapter 3/8in Left Hand Female To 1/4in BSP Male


SKU: 035722-A

Adapter 9kg Bottom To 3/8" BSP LH Fitting


SKU: 035719-A

Adapter Male POL To 1/4in Male BSP


SKU: 035715-A

Adapter Straight 3/8in Left Hand


SKU: 004048-A

Ball Valve - 3/8 inch SAE without nuts


SKU: 004051-A

Chrome Floor Mount x 1/2in Female BSP


SKU: 004054-A

Companion Female 3/8in Left Hand x Female POL


SKU: 004056-A

Companion Male Elbow x POL Male


SKU: 003961-A

Copper Saddles 1/2in


SKU: 003960-A

Copper Saddles 3/8in


SKU: 042580-A

Gas Adapter 1/2in Male BSP


SKU: 043382-A

Gas Bayonet Dust Cap


SKU: 550-00314

Gas Cylinder Regulator Kit-Single. 6060574

$155.00 $154.99

SKU: 003895-A

Gas Double Regulator Auto & Copper Pigtail


SKU: 550-00570

Gas Hose 3/8" Bspm X 1/4" Bspf X 1200mm. 6hbb1200