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Why You Need a Cover for Camper Trailer Protection

Storing your camper trailer in such a way as to ensure that it’s clean and dry is vital to prolonging the life of your camper and ensuring many happy camping trips to come.

  • Protect your camper trailer’s paint, finish and fabrics from sun damage (vital in our hot Australian climate!)
  • Ensure that dirt, dust and bird droppings don’t impact on the finish of your camper trailer
  • Protect your camper trailer from rain and hail while it’s parked up
  • Keep your camper trailer clean and dry in between uses
  • Preserve the value of your camper trailer to ensure you have a quality product

You might be reading this and thinking, “Why do I need a special camper trailer travel cover when a tarpaulin does the job just fine?” And you’re right – a tarp is going to protect your camper trailer from the elements. But the major difference between our camper trailer covers and a tarpaulin is that the camper trailer covers breathe, while a tarp is going to trap moisture and cause problems for you. 

You should never use a tarpaulin to wrap up your camper trailer – as much as it might seem like a compelling and cheap option – because when you use a tarp, you run the risk of:

  • Damaging your camper trailer due to the ill-fitting arrangement of a tarpaulin
  • Causing mould and mildew growth in your camper trailer
  • Not covering your camper trailer properly thanks to the tarp’s shape and fit

How to Use Your Camper Trailer Cover

Before you put your camper trailer cover onto your camper trailer, you need to ensure that you first give your camper trailer a good clean to get rid of any dirt or debris. You want to ensure that you are padding any of the sharp corners on your camper trailer to make sure that you don’t damage the cover. This can include places like corners and steps etc.

Then simply place the camper trailer cover on the top of the camper trailer, unfurl the sides and secure the camper trailer cover with front and rear clips and straps. Our camper trailer covers are so easy to use and thanks to the three-layer roof section, breathable side panels and reinforced skirting, you’ll find that your camper trailer is protected for longer. Whether you need a camper trailer to cover your 10-foot camper or are after a bigger cover for a camper trailer up to 16-foot, you’ll find it here. Camper trailers make packing up the family and heading off on a weekend away so easy. If you have a camper trailer, you’ll want to protect your investment, and that’s why the range of camper trailer covers from Outback Equipment is perfect for your camper trailer.

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